Two HTC Smartphones Receive Dedicated Facebook Buttons

HTC Salsa and ChaCha with Dedicated Facebook Buttons - Small Demo SizeMobile World Congress in Barcelona kicked off this week and one of the coolest new features announced were two Android based Smartphones from manufacturer HTC. While the phones themselves are standard setups (one full touchscreen, one touchscreen with qwerty keypad) what sets them apart are dedicated Facebook buttons along the bottom of their displays/keypads.

The two phones, the HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa are both mid-range phones with Android Gingerbread, featuring 600MHz CPU’s and 521MB RAM, with the ChaCha featuring the full QWERTY keyboard. However what sets them apart is the dedicated Facebook button which allows users to now share the music they are listening or the app they are using with their Facebook brethren using a simple one click button solution.

According to HTC C.E.O. Peter Chou, after clicking the button a status field will appear at which time the Facebook user can enter a message and share their finds.

With more than 600 million users now taking to Facebook on a daily basis, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a more robust dedicated button would eventually pop up, now how about a Tweet button for those quick phone to site status updates!

Here’s a closer look at the two phones with their dedicated Facebook share buttons:

HTC Salsa and ChaCha with Dedicated Facebook Buttons

What do you think about the idea of dedicated Facebook buttons on smartphones?

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