Yet Another Facebook Scam, Watch Out For Free Southwest Flights

Southwest FlightSee that link on your buddy’s Facebook page that offers free Southwest flights? I dare you to click on the link and see what happens. As should be expected nothing is free, especially not airfare which seems to have new prices attached to it everyday. It’s all just another Facebook scam.

After clicking on your buddy’s link the developer of the scam will ask for Facebook account access (pretty typical for apps) and you will then begin seeing messages you didn’t approve posting on your Facebook page.

The scam spreads like wildfire, sending out dozens of spammed comments to your wall and it’s not just clueless internet users who are being duped, heck even Jolie O’Dell over at Mashable fell for the link scam and she writes for the world’s number one social media news reporting website.

Remember the golden rule, if it says free or it seems to go to be true it is, so avoid it!

In the meantime here’s a screenshot so you’ll know what type of link to avoid:

Facebook Southwest Flights Scam

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