LinkedIn Debuts Company Search, Brings Professionals Closer To The Social Graph

Shortly after filing for an IPO, LinkedIn has announced its extensive company search tool which will bring professionals more information about the companies their colleagues work at and allow them to connect with other businesses.

LinkedIn’s new company search tool taps in to the social graph to expand upon its existing relationship visual tools.
The new search tool doesn’t just search for a keyword. Results can be filtered by connection count, location, industry and more.

Brad Mauney, LinkedIn’s product manager detailed the new search tool on the company’s blog:

Today, we’re very pleased to launch a new Company Search on LinkedIn. Now you can search for companies not only by attributes such as location, industry, and size but also by how you are connected. You can filter a set of results to include only those companies where you have a direct connection or broaden your search to include companies in your extended network.

LinkedIn’s focus with its new company search tool is to better connect job seekers, employees and interested colleagues to businesses that would otherwise be too far out of reach. If you’re hunting for a new job, being able to find who you’re connected to at the company and being updated on new changes gives you the hiring advantage.

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