LinkedIn Passes 100 Million Users, Celebrates With Infographic

LinkedIn Image

LinkedIn ImageLinkedIn on Tuesday announced that they have passed the 100 million registered users mark and to celebrate they have provided an infographic of interesting facts about the company.

You may recall that LinkedIn passed 85 million users just 6 months ago (October 2010). 15 million users is an impressive number when you consider that the company took six years to pass the 50 million point.

Among some of the company’s most interesting infographic stats; 56% of LinkedIn’s users live outside the United States with Brazil among the company’s quickest growing markets, while there are more than 1 million teachers using LinkedIn.

Other info includes private vs. public sector numbers, peak usage times, the number of members in groups and the most represented company’s on the site which includes Amazon and Cisco among others.

Here’s the LinkedIn Infographic: [Read more…]

Happy Birthday Dear Twitter, Happy 5th To You

Twitter Cake Logo

Twitter Cake LogoFive years ago today Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey sent a simple message that would change the way many of us use social media. Dorsey simply typed and posted “just setting up my twttr” and now just five years later more than 30 billion messages of 140-characters-or-less have been sent and the company’s worth is quickly approaching a $10 billion valuation.

According to some analysts Twitter in 2011 will pull in $150 million in revenue, helped in part by current advertising options and with new technologies in the works or yet to be thought up.

But it’s not all a rosy outlook for the social network, Twitter has recently begun fighting against third-party app developers who have used their company API to build new Twitter platforms, deciding that they would rather control the way Twitter content is displayed, while capturing more of the revenue streams offered by the their own network. [Read more…]

8 SEO Tips Every Blog Owner Should Know


It’s no surprise that regularly redesigning your website to update content, indexing and page structure can have a tremendous positive impact on the continued success of your business. The reason that the design and structure of your website can increase traffic is because the changes are likely to result in search engine optimization. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of modifying a website to enhance its chances of appearing in the top search results when relevant key words are entered into a search engine. In other words, it’s one of the most effective ways of increasing the volume of traffic and incidental visitors to your website, which at the end of the day means more new customers or clients for you.

SEO is a huge area of knowledge which can make a big difference to the online profile and real world results of your business, but it’s also a practice where it is easy to make errors. To get you started, here are eight must-know tips for any website owner… [Read more…]

How Google Analytics Can Dramatically Help Your Blogging


Bloggers are always looking for ways to improve their content, site or profile. Bloggers, who were previously ruled off as nothing more than a hobbyists are now make a massive impact on the world around us opening us . There are always ways to improve your content and the best way to do so is through Google Analytics.

If you run your own site and don’t know what Google Analytics is, you’re missing out on vital information. The wealth of data Google tracks when visitors come to your site gives you a very accurate profile of your target demographic and what they’re looking for. Here’s how you can supercharge your Blogging by using Google Analytics.

Are Visitors Really Reading Your Content?

As Bloggers we love it when readers not only share content but well, read it. I’m not talking about lightly skimming through the post and picking out the most important pieces of information but actually reading it. When you log in to Google Analytics and select the dashboard for your site, you’ll notice the Content Overview box in the lower right hand corner. The information in the section shows the top performing content on your site.

Clicking on the top links — which are hopefully Blog posts — shows how long a visitor had that page displayed. You’ll have to estimate how long it would take you to read your post at a normal rate and see if it matches the time reported by Google Analytics. If it’s close (everyone reads at different speeds) then you’ll have a better idea of how your readers are interacting with your content.

Social Media Campaigns

One of the coolest tricks I learned while using Google Analytics on a daily basis was creating custom tracking links that can be used with a Social Media ‘Marketing’ strategy. This is the same tracking link you would build for a traditional Google Adwords run but can be condensed using or your favorite URL shortening service.

Building a Google Tracking URL is extremely simple and will give you a better understanding of which Blog posts are the most popular in the social sphere.

Here’s how I set up my tracking URLs

Campaign Source: Where is the content originating from? Hint: It’s most likely your Blog
Campaign Medium: Where are you sending the content? Twitter, Facebook or just a general Social Network submission?
Campaign Term: Always left blank
Campaign Content: Short name of the Blog post.
Campaign Name: What major category would it fall under? Is it part of your campaign on tracking tutorial posts or opinion pieces?

The results are available for each site under Traffic Sources > Campaigns.

Using these links when posting on Facebook, Twitter or any network will give you a more accurate reading of how the Social Sphere responds to your content. When working with clients and using Google’s tracking URLs, it showed me which post categories were popular and how I should improve on them. Just as important, Google Analytics also showed which posts failed to capture attention and frankly turned off followers.

Google Analytics packs a treasure trove information about your site. When used in creative ways, it can reveal much more about your site, your brand and how it’s being perceived online. Combining Google Analytics with your existing analytical tools can energize any social strategy.

Flickr Gets Cozy With The iPad, Adds Expanded Lightbox Support

Photo sharing site Flickr has been on a roll in its support of mobile operating systems and their accompanying browsers. A Windows 7 App that fully integrates in to the OS and presents a clean interface was released recently. Shortly after Flickr turned its sights to iOS and released an iPad optimized version of the site.

The new iPad friendly addition is a change to the light box. When browsing the site on your iPad you’ll be able to access a full screen photo viewer and initiate a slideshow:

We’re happy to announce some big improvements to the photo light box for iPad users! The light box is a handy, full browser photo viewer available from any photo page. From a photo page on Flickr, simply tap on a photo to view it larger (if available) and on a clean, dark background.

While Flickr has a native iPhone App that taps in to the power of iOS and the hardware, no native iPad exists yet. Flickr may opt to focus on its site and continue improving it for iPad users instead of releasing an official App. As fellow Blog Herald author Darnell Clayton mused, Yahoo’s growing commitment to the service and expanding features to mobile devices hints Yahoo! doesn’t want to shutdown the service like it’s doing with Delicious.

YouTube Helps Japanese Earthquake Survivors Through Special Video Channel

Following the devastating earthquake and Tsunami that ravaged Japan was a massive amount of support from every part of the web. To help victims re-unite with their lost loved ones, YouTube launched a people finder channel. The channel is part of Google’s ongoing efforts to track down those lost in the Tsunami that swept away homes, villages, town and people following a massive 9.0 undersea earthquake.

The channel dubbed YouTube Person Finder launched March 18th and its aim is to collect video messages of those most affect in the disaster. At launch, messages shot by a major TV Station in Japan — TBS — will be shown. More videos will be added as the infrastructure improves. Major stations such as TV Asahi are expected to help the victims record their own messages as well to send to the channel.

Kevin Rose May Have Already Left Digg


Kevin Rose is reported to have already resigned from Digg the company he founded in 2004. The news comes after months of Rose’s lack of interesting in the Social News site as other projects eat up his attention and time. Rose nor Digg have issued an official statement on his supposed departure as sources close to TechCrunch say his departure happened very recently.

Kevin’s departure comes in the wake of continued user outrage over the new Digg redesign and a mass exodus of users to competing social site Reddit. Management decisions and disagreements between former Digg CEO Jay Adelson and Kevin led to a botched launch of Digg V4. During this time Kevin began experimenting with other startups.

TechCrunch’s sources also said Kevin Rose was closing a round of funding for a new startup he is working with. In recent years Kevin has shied away from Digg to lead a more active role in the startup scene. In mid 2007 during his prolonged absence from Digg, Kevin founded the microblogging service Pownce which was later sold to Six Apart.

At this time it is unknown which startup Kevin is a part of. It will be interesting to see the fate of Digg and whether Diggnation, a weekly Podcast that showcases the best stories on the Social news site will continue. We wish Kevin Rose the best of luck in his newest ventures.


Kevin Rose has confirmed his departure from Digg:

Wow, tons of questions – I’ll continue advising Digg / on the board of directors, & taping Diggnation (as i have been since @mwdigg joined).

Google Wants To Make Your YouTube Videos Look Better

youtube logo 05

Since Google has purchased YouTube, the search engine giant has focused on scaling the video sharing site. Shortly after releasing some amazing stats on hosted content — 35 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute — Google has been eyeing video quality and how to improve it. To make YouTube videos look much better, Google has bought Green Parrot Pictures.

The buyout can only lead to positive things for all YouTube users as Green Parrot Pictures’ expertise is improving video quality on content such as streaming movies. Google aims to not only improve the quality of uploaded videos but also the speed at which they are streamed.

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Delta Airlines Debuts Facebook Integration; Check-Ins, Flight Status

Delta Check-In on Facebook

Delta Airline Airplane FlyingDelta Airlines on Thursday unveiled a new Facebook app which allows Facebook users to check-in to their flights and check flight status from their own FB accounts.

Using Delta’s Ticket Counter Application customers can also check amenities available on their plane and investigate their SkyMiles balances along with checking on upcoming flight status.

The Facebook application also allows users to print boarding passes and share details about their upcoming travel plans directly with friends on their Facebook wall.

At this time users must still log into their SkyMiles account using their full SkyMiles numbers which can be a pain since you still have to memorize that long number or hunt it down even when checking the account through a logged in Facebook account.

This all begs the question, will you be willing to check-in for your next flight using Facebook or for that matter share your flight plans with all your friends and possibly people you barely know who you accidentally accepted into your Facebook life.

Here’s a look at the Delta Ticket Counter screen: [Read more…]