Twitter May Give Brands Custom Pages, Would Take A Design Cue From Facebook

Twitter BirdTwitter may be considering a more personal and surprisingly expansive profile view for brands according to a report. The new view for a brand’s Twitter profile is being spearheaded by CEO Dick Costolo and President of Revenue Adam Bain. Not only would the page concept take a cue from Facebook but the design of a brand’s Twitter page is said to look similar to Facebook’s:

Branded pages, through which advertisers could deliver tailored messages, are under consideration, along with other plans to increase the long-term revenue potential of the social network, according to sources familiar with the subject.

Twitter’s move to woo advertisers and brands could be the next big thing for the microblogging service. While Twitter currently offers promoted accounts and suggested profiles to follow, it pales in comparison to how Facebook treats brands with custom ads, extensive page editing and the much proclaimed ‘Like’ button.

Would a Facebook style page for brands make sense on Twitter? Yes and no. It would give brands a point of consolidation for most of their Social Media activities but would go against the purpose of Twitter which have been used by brands for quick updates not meant to stick around for very long. This could be Twitter’s response to Facebook’s growing brand support.

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