RockMelt Browser Launches iPhone App With Facebook At Center Stage

RockMelt iPhone BrowserRockMelt has been available for Mac and PC desktop since November and now the cloud-based web browser is available for iPhone users.

RockMelt uses cloud-based services to provide social media integration with their browser, allowing users to control their social media profiles while browsing the web at the same time.

The browser looks vastly different on iPhone devices than the desktop version, including a forced Facebook sign-in when the application is first launched, ensuring that social media takes priority on the mobile version of the browser.

Users can also choose to hook up their Twitter account and RSS feeds as they deem necessary.

The browser allows users to save articles “offline” a perfect example when you’ll be in an area without data connectivity, such as during a non-WiFi flight.

Furthermore, since the program is cloud-based users of the RockMelt browser will be able to share there activity between iPhones and computers.

You can find the app in the App Store for Free! In the meantime you can check out the browsers functionality in the video below:

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