Twitter Says Facebook And Foursquare Will Remain On TweetDeck

Twitter BirdWith Twitter officially announcing their $40 million acquisition of TweetDeck today attention quickly turned to whether or not the world’s second largest social network would continue to support Facebook and Foursquare within the application and the answer is yes…at least for now.

Jodi Olson at Twitter told ReadWriteWebs Marshall Kirkpatrick:

“Short answer is, we’ll continue to invest in the TweetDeck that you know and love.”

The move to keep those networks in the mix is an important one for the company since Tweetdeck’s millions of users flocked to the application since it allows them to manage their social accounts all in one place. Failure to keep other networks on the program could have meant a shift by many power users to Seesmic and Hootsuite, competitors of TweetDeck.

Since Twitter announced that the acquisition was important to reel in power users it makes sense that they would keep those social savvy users happy with continued Facebook and Foursquare support. Now if Twitter would only turn the apps crude Foursquare integration into a more useful offering I would be really impressed.




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