Facebook Circles: Create Facebook Lists Google Circles Style

When everyone jumped on the Google+ bandwagon over the last 24 hours, just before realizing that Google+ is a rather boring network without all your nephews and their three cousins absent from the select Club by Yourself, one of the first things users liked were Google Circles. As Paul Farol correctly pointed out in his First Look at Google+, Facebook already has a similar feature and it’s called Facebook Lists.

Facebook Circles, a hack to create Facebook Lists in the same style as Google+ Circles

Facebook Circles, a hack to create Facebook Lists in the same style as Google+ Circles

The main issue with Facebook Lists is that they are horrible to create and maintain, except for OC list users like me. There’s no hiding the truth, it is a burden to create and manage list (Bonus: the same applies to Twitter). With the smooth Circles UI of Google+ the game seems to change though and it didn’t take long before the same functionality came to Facebook. Albeit via a ‘hack’, or a third party application.

CircleHack launched yesterday, very quickly after first review reports of Google+ started to emerge and brings exactly the same easy way of organizing lists to Facebook. Whether Circlehack will be integrated in Facebook is still an open question. Especially with Paul Adams, one of the early Google+ developers, now at Facebook.

Paul Adams tweeted following about Google+:

Seeing Google+ in public is like bumping into an ex-girlfriend.

CircleHack's UI for Facebook Lists

CircleHack's UI for Facebook Lists

Let’s hope the breakup with his ex was painful and Facebook Circles will not be the next popular feature the Palo Alto giant copies and integrates in it platform, aimed at destroying the popularity other platforms might gather from new and cool features. I must admit though that I wouldn’t mind to see the Facebook Lists feature being improved and have a more user friendly way to publish selective Facebook updates to specific groups more user-friendly, just like Google+ has integrated Google Circles.

Go to CircleHack to start organizing your Facebook lists.

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