Netflix CEO Joins Facebook Board Of Directors, IPO Could Be Coming Soon

Reed Hastings

Reed HastingsNetflix CEO Reed Hastings is joining the Board of Directors at Facebook, a likely signals that the company is getting closer to announcing their initial public offering (IPO).

Hastings helped Netflix navigate the often confusing world of IPO’s and that move is expected to be the next logical step for the world’s largest social network.

Reed also serves on the board at Microsoft which owns a small stake in the social network.

The move also comes at a time when Netflix has promised to deliver more social media and sharing features into their product, a promise that failed one-time already when their social media offering was less than ideally optimized.

Rumors have speculated that Facebook would take on Netflix via the streaming movie business with Warner Bros. recently testing video on-demand through the social platform, however Reed joining the board could mean a partnership is in the works, for example Netflix could use Facebook’s international reach and know-how to launch their DVD-by-mail and video-streaming services in more countries, while also tapping into Facebook’s nearly 700 million users to grow their own user base which currently tops 23 million customers. [Read more…]

Winklevoss Twins Drop Lawsuit Against Facebook

Winklevoss Twins

Winklevoss Twins

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, better known to The Social Network viewers as The Winklevoss Twins have decided to end their lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook.

The twins have for years accused Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg of stealing their idea for Facebook when they contracted him to build ConnectU while Zuckerberg was still a student at Harvard University.

In 2008 all parties involved settling the lawsuit for approximately $200 million, however in the last 12 months the twins tried to appeal their settlement while claiming that Zuckerberg defrauded them when paying out based on the value of Facebook stock. [Read more…]

Social Intelligence Corp: Can it keep you from hiring a psychopath?

Last year a young and pretty female former co-worker at the Office of Senator Richard Gordon got in touch with me through Facebook chat.  Although I initially savored the idea that the conversation was going to be somewhat purely social, talk eventually turned to one particular facet of everyone’s life online: Will prospective employers Google her and use the information they find to decide on whether or not to hire her?

Being somewhat the office’s second default expert on all things online, I said “Yes. Of course.”

If someone else had asked me the same question before Facebook became one of the biggest social networking sites on the planet, my answer would have been “No. Not unless you’ve been involved in a crime or scandal that was published on an online newspaper, blog or forum.”  The reason for this is that online newspapers, blogs, and forums used to be the most likely ones to turn up a person’s name.  Moreover, the more common reason for a person’s name to turn up on Google search would be either because they’ve been very good or very, very bad.

These days, anyone who has ever Googled themselves will know that their Facebook profile (along with LinkedIn, Twitter, Google profile, etcetera) will invariably turn up in the first ten search results.  This can be both a boon and a bane, most especially now after a company got the nod of the US Federal Trade Commission to screen job applicants based on their Facebook and Twitter postings. [Read more…]

Facebook Statistics on Social Baker: Congo registers highest growth in six months

The Dominican Republic of Congo tops the list of Facebook user growth in terms of percentage of new users.  A whopping 682 percent.

Waiting for Facebook to reach 1 billion users is just about as interesting as watching someone else play a video game or reading someone’s Facebook status about someone playing a game.  It does absolutely nothing for me.

While the aggregate number of Facebook users seem substantial, it’s actually the component numbers in the tally that makes for an interesting browse.

Yesterday, while skimming through dozens of pages on Facebook user statistics, I came across Social Bakers list of countries on Facebook and started looking at movements in Facebook user stats over different periods of time.  Now, before I go further, let me say that I do not know how accurate Social Bakers stats are and I was merely looking for interesting upward or downward movements.

First, looking at growth in Facebook users by country over a period of six months, it is surprising to note a couple of things.


The Dominican Republic of Congo tops the list of Facebook user growth in terms of percentage of new users. A whopping 682 percent. (Source: Social Bakers)

[Read more…]

FlixLab Launches Social Video Creation and Sharing Platform


FlixlabIt has taken years of research and development but the team at Flixlab has finally launched their new social video creation and sharing platform which allows users to share videos with their friends. The platform not only shares your videos, it ties together your friends footage to create the ultimate video of an event.

In a press release company CEO David Slater noted:

Smartphones are increasingly becoming the device of choice for consumers to capture video and photos.  Yet, most people do nothing with this footage—they just leave it on their phones, or at best upload single clips.  Our research has shown that true sharing experiences require more than just single video clips and pictures; people want to share their lives by combining multiple clips and pictures to tell a complete story.”

The program appears simple to operate, the application auto-detects your Facebook friends and then finds videos and pictures they shot from the same event where you captured footage. The program then offers to share your footage with friends, creating a collaborative video with each persons best footage.

Here’s a video explaining the program: [Read more…]

Facebook advocacy gains ground: Armand Nocum’s Kristiyano-Islam Peace Library (KRIS)

Armand Nocum's Kristiyano Islam Peace Library

Armand Nocum's Kristiyano Islam Peace Library

With more than 26 million users, the Philippines is the 7th largest country in terms of Facebook users according to Social Bakers.

While most people here use it to keep in touch with friends and family or play games, Facebook has become more than a diversion for at least one long time friend.

Armand Nocum, an acclaimed Filipino journalist who is now a legal public relations consultant, is making waves on Facebook that will hopefully help bring peace to his home island Mindanao.

Armand is the founder of the Kristiyano-Islam Peace Library (Kris), a non-government literacy advocacy group, that recently built at least one library in Zambonga City and another in Quezon City.  Apart from libraries, the advocacy group also funded scholarships, donated books, and organized medical missions.

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5 False Legal Threats Bloggers Routinely Face


Legally, blogging can be a very scary activity. Since few bloggers are acquainted with media law before setting up their first site, they are dealing with issues of trademark, copyright, libel, privacy, etc. when they have little understanding of the law itself.

This, often times, creates problems where a blogger oversteps a legal boundary and finds themselves either being sued or threatened with legal action. However, it also can create the reverse problem, one where the blogger is threatened with legal action when they haven’t done anything against the law.

To be clear, in the U.S., anyone can sue anyone for any reason at any time. If your sole purpose is to avoid a lawsuit, being within the law is, unfortunately, no protection. There’s always a chance you could have to spend the time and money to defend yourself in court.

However, if you have a more practical goal of not being hit with a lawsuit that has a chance of success, you still don’t want to give in needlessly to false legal threats. With that in mind, here are five of the more common false legal threats that bloggers face and why they carry no weight. [Read more…]

Building Links to Your Blog: Why Keyword Research + Quality Content Works


Every great blogger should have basic SEO know-how. Without basic keyword strategy to drive traffic to your blog, a great blogger can go un-noticed. Some of the best blog posts I have ever read came from deep within the web. Most likely, rarely read before; with little to no internal and external links and a PageRank of 0. Being a good blogger simply isn’t enough. Whether you are a women’s fitness blogger or an actual SEO blogger; without basic SEO knowledge, you are like Jimi Hendrix deciding to play on the street instead of on stage. Your content will not reach an audience, and you probably will never make money doing it.

Keyword Research
This is why keyword research is so important. Google’s Keyword Tool and Keyword Spy are great ways to figure out what search terms correlate with your blog. Incorporating these keywords as links within your copy as well as your header will provide on page SEO value, reader value and (I’ll explain later) link building power.

Establishing a keyword set, doesn’t have to be a set list anymore. Targeting contextual terms should be consistent in the copy of your blog. The thought being, when somebody loves your blog post enough to share it on their site, they will include the contextual links. [Read more…]

Hopes for a One Billion Facebook users fading?

Epic Unfriend: Have 8 million Facebook users in US, Canada, and Europe pushed the deactivate button?

Epic Unfriend: Have 8 million Facebook users in US, Canada, and Europe pushed the deactivate button?

Facebook lost nearly 8 million active users in May this year and posted lower new user registrations in May, leading to speculations that the social networking giant’s target of reaching 1 billion users by February might take a bit longer.

Notwithstanding that Goldman partners put a stamp of approval on the $50 billion valuation for Facebook early this year, being the biggest and most active social networking site on the planet could provide strong support for appraisals of share prices should Facebook push through with an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2012.  That is if Facebook actually opens up more of its financial documents and trumps the vital signs of LinkedIn.

Apart from dreams of pouring over the Great Fire Wall of China like a tsunami and continuing to find new user growth in late adapter countries, there is the idea that Facebook’s ubiquitous presence through social media stream integration and comments on sites will continue to propel its growth in years to come.

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Facebook iPad App To Launch Soon

Facebook Logo

Facebook LogoIt has taken more than a year of development but the team at Facebook is finally getting ready to launch their first ever iPad app.

The free application is said to have been created with painstaking detail, having gone through several iterations to ensure that the Facebook OS was optimized for viewing and use on Apple’s iOS system.

According to reports Facebook developers spent time recreating Facebook Chat and Groups to make them more accessible on the application, however the most promising feature is said to be the option to shoot and upload photos directly from the iPad 2’s camera.

According to a source who claims to have seen the photo option in action:

“The photo and video experience is amazing, offering full resolution and full-screen images.” [Read more…]