TV director almost killed by Facebook Friend

A couple of days ago, a Filipino TV show actor-director was stabbed ten times by someone he had met on Facebook and invited to sleep in his home.  Ricardo “Ricky” Rivero, 39 years old, was allegedly stabbed by Hans Ivan Ruiz, 22, whom Rivero met over Facebook five months ago.  Ruiz denies stabbing Rivero but a report from responding police say that when they arrived at the scene, they saw Ruiz clutching the actor-director’s bag, which contained a laptop, two cell phones and several personal items.

Usually, those accused of a crime will deny committing it, but what is strange about Ruiz’s denial are the details.  Here is an excerpt from a news report.

Ruiz maintained that he had no clue as to how Rivero sustained the stab wounds but said that it happened while he slept beside the actor-director. “We were sleeping when he started yelling, ‘Don’t stab me!’” he said.

Ruiz said that he saw a knife beside Rivero but did not know where it came from. “He thought I was the one who hurt him. I also thought he was going to kill me so we struggled over the knife,” he added.

*** *** ***

In his statement, Ruiz said that he offered to take the actor-director to the hospital, although police said Rivero drove himself to the hospital.

Now before people in mainstream news media over react and start pointing at Facebook as an inherently dangerous site to visit, here are some things to consider.

On the surface of it, it seems Facebook use was merely incidental to the commission of this crime.  The TV director might as well have met his alleged attacker through any other social networking site and invited him over to his house where the crime was committed. (Facebook would perhaps be more central if it involves swindling people out of their money and other types of fraud, certain types of coercion, identity theft, libel, and other such crimes.)

As to the idea of whether Facebook can become an enabler and hunting ground for criminal psychopaths, the idea is a bit trickier to prove.  I think even for a trained psychologist, it’s really difficult to say just on the basis of a news report whether psychopathic behavior had anything to do with the stabbing of the TV director by his Facebook friend.  Even given the fact that the newspaper account describes a number of characteristics of psychopathic personality and behavior, no real assessment can be made until the suspect is given proper evaluation.

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The Redner Group: How Not To Promote Clients On Twitter

Redner Group Tweet

Duke Nuken 3DThe Redner Group represents various clients with a mix of real-world and online PR but the company showed this week that they don’t have full control over their PR business.

On the company’s official Twitter page veiled threats were made against reviewers who dared to give Duke Nuken bad reviews.

According to the company’s original message, which has since been deleted:

Redner Group Duke Nukem Review Blacklist

After the Tweets were removed an unnamed Redner employee came forward to publicly apologize for their “personal emotions” getting involved with the release of the game, while ensuring 2K game reviewers that games would of course be sent out to them as they are made available.

Here is the employees apology which occurred in three separate Tweets: [Read more…]

Is Facebook Creating An Instagram Killer?


Apparently the social networking giant is becoming a little envious of Instagram, as new rumors are emerging that Facebook is releasing an iOS app to challenge the photo sharing novice.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook is secretly building an iOS app that borrows the best from Instagram, Color and Path (the latter which never really took off).

While it’s puzzling why Facebook would create a separate app for photos (which might confuse users), jumping in the photo sharing space is a smart move for Facebook as it would help them thwart the rise of new rivals like Twitter, as well as kill off current contenders like Flickr.

It’s still unclear whether Facebook will simply focus on photo sharing with filters (like Instagram), or integrate videos as well, although either way Facebook’s potential entrance into the market is probably sending shivers down everyone’s spine save Twitter.

For those of you addicted to photo sharing services like Instagram, Flickr or (for the few) Path, what are your thoughts regarding Facebook’s rumored app?

Would you consider dumping your current photo sharing service for Facebook, or would you continue to use alternatives instead of the social networking king?

Image Credit: TechCrunch

Facebook Continues To Gobble Up Worldwide Competition [Infographic]

Facebook World Dominance Map

Facebook World Map Domination PreviewFacebook has seen massive growth over the last several years and with nearly 700 million users accessing the network a closer visual look at the company’s growth shows just how much they have grown and taken over various geographical regions.

As you’ll notice in the infographic shown below, the company has actually experienced some traffic decreases in various countries over the last several months, however their reach in developing countries has continued to expand.

Interestingly enough, according to a recent examination Facebook is said to have lost 6 million U.S. visitors in May 2011, while Canada and the UK experienced losses of their own. In general as Facebook reaches 50% of a countries population growth tends to slow to a near halt, while some countries see slight losses. [Read more…]

How an Inbound Link Can Improve Search Engine Rankings


Marketing online comes down to one thing an Inbound Link.  These types of links are ones that people can click on and be taken to your website from somewhere else, for example a directory, an article, a search engine, or email.  There are 3 ways that an inbound link can improve search engine rankings to your business.

1.    Direct clicking – When a visitor to a different site finds there is an inbound link to your site an opportunity is presented for them to click through to you.  In turn it stands to reason that the greater amount of inbound links you have out on the internet pointing to your site the greater the amount of traffic they’ll send.  Additionally the benefit is that this traffic goes directly to your site bypassing the search engines entirely. [Read more…]

Rapportive Brings Reply, Retweet and Follow Twitter Features To GMail

Rapportive Gmail Twitter Integration

Rapportive Gmail Twitter IntegrationWhen Google released their people widget it was believed to be a Rapportive “killer” but the company wasn’t having any of that talk and this week they decided to step up their game by adding Twitter integration to their social utility.

The company’s newly stepped up Twitter widget now allows users to follow their email contacts, send them Twitter replies and even retweet their contacts tweets right from inside their Gmail email messages, the program even allows users to see if their contacts are following them on Twitter.

Rapportive then goes one step further, integrating with the Twitter notification emails you get when you receive follows, mentions and direct messages.

In it’s most basic terms the program turns your Gmail account into a Twitter portal while maintaining the exact same Gmail functionality we have all come to expect from Google.

If you already have Rapportive you will receive the rollout in your inbox in the near future or you can head over to and download the program now. [Read more…]

Why Fonts on the Web Are a Copyright Mess

Font Image

Font ImageIf you design websites, you know well that the list of Web-safe fonts, though having grown some over the years, is very short compared to the number of fonts available in the world.

In fact, only a fraction of a percent of all fonts created are available to Web designers. Though, considering how hideous some fonts are that might actually be a good thing to a degree, there’s not much doubt that the Web would be a more vibrant and more readable place with more options available.

One cause of this has been the technical challenges that make adding more fonts difficult, including the fact that different operating systems have different fonts installed by default and installing fonts has, historically, been difficult to do,

However, there’s also been a set of legal obstacles that have prevented an explosion in Web fonts and kept many of the most popular fonts in the world from being truly web safe.

What can be done about this? First we have to understand the problem and then look at what others are doing to make the Web a much more exciting place for font lovers. [Read more…]

Study Reveals: Facebook Emotions Are Contagious

Facebook Emotions

Facebook EmotionsFacebook statics expert Adam Kramer recently conducted a study in which he revealed that the emotions of Facebook users directly effect the emotions of their friends.

Kramer examined approximately 1 million Facebook users and 150 million of their friends and he found that emotions can “spread like wildfire” across a members friends list.

The study also revealed that some words were more powerful than others, for example the words “Happy” and “Hug” can leave your friends with likewise emotions for up to three days. [Read more…]

Blackberry: Facebook For Playbook Is Now Relevant Again


Despite being about half the size of rivals like iPad 2, Playbook is currently the only tablet blessed with an “official” Facebook app.

Until recently the Facebook for Playbook app wasn’t very impressive when compared with official apps upon iPhone and Android (which was disappointing considering the power of RIM’s tablet).

Fortunately it looks like RIM has revamped their Facebook app as their latest update makes using Facebook much more enjoyable experience. [Read more…]