Forecast App Sends Future Foursquare Check-In Notices To Your Friends List

Forecast App for Foursquare Users

FoursquareChecking in on Foursquare is a great way to let your friends know where you are at any moment, however if you plan on having them possibly meet you at those locations it could mean waiting around for an unspecified amount of time, that is unless you have the Forecast app which pushes out “future check-in” locations to your Foursquare friends before you even arrive on location.

The mobile application, once installed on your Friend’s Smartphones can also user push notifications so your plans are immediately revealed to your friends, alerting them to the best places to meet up with you at any given moment.

Since the program works in conjunction to Foursquare, users simply log onto the system using their Foursquare account [Read more…]

Facebook Blind Date Leads To Supermarket Robbery [Social Network Warning]

Facebook Robbery

Facebook RobberyA Belgian supermarket was robbed this week after the stores manager was duped into a scheme that led him right into the hands of the stores would be robbers.

According to reports the manager received a friends request in February from a young female named Katrien Van Loo and they began an online relationship, when he was invited to her apartment it turned out she didn’t exist and instead he was instead blindfolded and gagged by two men who stole his supermarket keys and the keys to his apartment.

The keys were then given to a third accomplice who entered the store, accessed the locations safe and made off with the stores cash. [Read more…]

Google+ Introduces Hangouts With YouTube Live Video Viewing

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

Google+ is now allowing users of their ten person Hangouts video chat program to watch live streaming videos together using popular video streaming service YouTube which is also owned by Google Inc.

Hangout users have been able to watch YouTube videos together since the option was rolled out, however YouTube Live product manager Brandon Badger speaking to GigaOM revealed that live video streaming while chatting in Hangouts is just now being turned on.

It should be noted that turning on the live video feed with Hangout chat is not a simple process at this time, in fact GigaOM found that it takes five steps to setup the service. [Read more…]

Popular Android Twitter App “Plume” To Get Updates, Add More Integration

Plume Android App for Twitter

Plume Android App for TwitterPlume developer Ludovic Vialle is preparing to take his popular Google Android Twitter Application to the next level, in a Google+ post this week he describe what new exciting features are coming to the application.

According to Vialle the first major update is a complete rewrite of the timeline section in the application and under the new program users timeline activity will automatically be updated when they leave the application open on their Smartphones.

Along with auto-updates the program will also offer push notifications to users who allow that feature to be activated on their Android phones. With real-time updates and push notifications users will now be able to stay up-to-date with all of their Twitter friends.

After push notifications and real-time updates are added Plume then plans to add Facebook integration to the mix, allowing for a larger user base, followed by Google+ integration. Once multiple accounts integration is complete the Plume system will then allow users to send out their status updates to all of their social networking accounts at the same time or choose which accounts to send each message.  [Read more…]

President Obama Starts #Compromise Twitter Campaign, Loses 37,000 Followers

Barack Obama Compromise Tweet User Loss

President ObamaPresident Obama on Friday asked his 9 million Twitter followers to contact their Republican Congressmen to “ask them to support a bipartisan solution to the deficit crisis” and because of his “#compromise” campaign the President quickly lost more than 37,000 Twitter followers.

According to NM Incite the #compromise tag was used more than 22,000 times and was seen by 36 million Twitter users by 5 p.m. ET on Friday, while the President himself was mentioned in 28,000 tweets.

Of the 28,000 Tweets to the President only 13% showed negative criticism of his call for a bipartisan debt ceiling bill, yet he lost some 37,000 users.

Here’s a progress chart that shows how quickly the President was losing supporters: [Read more…]

Why Where You Host Your Site Matters Legally

One of the beautiful things about building your own site is that you can choose where you want to host it and what you want the domain to be. On that front, the Web provides nearly limitless choices with hosts in nearly every corner of the earth and hundreds of domain extensions. The room for opportunity and creativity is incredible.

However, where you host and where what you choose for your domain has a large bearing on your site and there are many factors that you need to consider.

Many of the factors are actually technical. Your server’s proximity to your visitors affects its speed and not all countries are as well connected as you would like for hosting a site. For example, you wouldn’t want to host a site aimed at an Asian audience somewhere in rural South America.

But on top of the technical considerations are legal ones. Whenever you sign up for a hosting account in another country, you’re doing more than moving your site there, you are, in many regards, subjecting yourself to the laws of that nation.

That can have some dire consequences for your site if you aren’t careful and, in extreme cases, can even result in your arrest and possible extradition.

In short, thinking about these issues is an important consideration when choosing a host, but one that few actually weigh. [Read more…]

Groupon & Foursquare Create Partnership To Provide Location Based Deals

Groupon and Foursquare Deals Screen

Groupon and Foursquare Deals ScreenLocation based service Foursquare has teamed up with daily social coupon site Groupon to offer users daily deals in the Explore tab of the Foursquare application.

Offering daily deals through partners is nothing new for Foursquare which has previously teamed up with LivingSocial, Gilt City, AT&T Interactive, BuyWithMe and Zozi however the Groupon offers are by far the largest to grace the applications presence.

Foursquare plans to fully launch the program on Sunday which will see Groupon’s daily deals appearing next to their five other partners on a regular basis. The program is convenient since the deals are pulled in by location, which means a user visiting another city doesn’t have to reconfigure their favorite daily deals sites to find special offers each day.

As with their other partners Foursquare will give the mayor of each location a special deal on top of the Groupon deal, while the partnership will earn Foursquare a part of Groupon’s revenue for each deal they help close, making the partnership truly beneficial for everyone involved. [Read more…]

Why I blog?

After typing my last few dozen words for the day, I tweeted out advice that I follow whenever I feel as though I don’t have anything to blog about: Write. Don’t Blog.

Then, out of the blue, someone reacts to my vague tweet and gushes with short phrase describing their own blogging experience.  I am not all too sure about what the intent was and will probably never know because I really didn’t want to engage much further beyond acknowledging that I had read their reply to my tweet.

The real intent behind the tweet was to merely share a reminder of what I think blogging really is and should be: It is writing.

Some people first get into blogging thinking that it’ll give them some measure of acclaim and some level of popularity.  Some go into it thinking they’ll master the “new media” and make something of their skill.  Some people get into blogging for money and they’re not much different from those who put up websites with similar intent.  Some blog because they believe that it is actually the best way to raise awareness and build up support for a cause or an idea.  Some blog as a matter of personal expression or a personal mission.

These are all valid reasons for blogging, but sometimes these reasons get in the way of consistently writing a blog.

[Read more…]

Twitter Now Sending Promoted Tweets Into Timeline Streams

Promoted Tweets

Twitter BirdTwitter on Thursday began a new promoted tweets program that sends advertiser tweets into a users timeline. In the past promoted tweets only showed up in Twitter search results, a fact that kept those tweets out of sight for many users.

The new program places promoted tweets “at or near the top” of a users timeline according to Twitter reps, however to avoid constant tweet spam users will only receive the extra sponsored tweet in their timeline if they are already following the brand that is sponsoring the advertisement. For example if you follow JetBlue and they sponsor a tweet you will see it near the top of your timeline.

Users who wish to remove the sponsored tweet from their profile can do so on a one-by-one basis, allowing them to engage with the product, even if just to remove it from their feed.

Here’s a quick look at how the program will output on your timeline: [Read more…]

Jon Stewart Attacks Ridiculousness Of Twitter News Reporting

Twitter News

Twitter News

Daily Show host Jon Stewart took to his show on Wednesday for a segment that attacks just how ridiculous the use of Twitter in newsrooms has become.

Stewart wasn’t attacking news agencies that quote sports stars, business people and other Twitter users with knowledge about their own industries, but rather the use of random user accounts to chime in on the news as if it was a consensus of the general public.

Stewart jokes:

“I’m going to assume by now you’re all familiar with Twitter, the social networking site that has become an increasingly popular outlet for news about Justin Bieber and popular revolutions. Did you also know it’s a great newsroom feedback delivery system?”

Jon then reveals that CNN regularly quotes the Twitter user @ladybigmac, a retired bookkeeper who says on her account that she spends her spare time watching golf and NASCAR races but only has 1,500 followers, many who began following her only after CNN began quoting her account, far from a highly influential account. [Read more…]