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With now officially entering the era of doubts around what will happen to the site and our information, links many of us have started already to look for another platform to save and share our links on. Ngoor is one of the newest to enter the space of social bookmarking and has a touch of Digg and Delicious.

After the acquisition of Delicious, by Youtube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, we were told that a Delicious update would soon soon but right now there’s no news yet and nobody knows whether Delicious will continue to exist in its actual format, as a social bookmarking site. Whether to change or stick to Delicious is a decision nobody can make for you, but there are several alternatives in town and ngoor is an easy way to bookmark and share links. The best element about ngoor is that social bookmarkers, or users of platforms such as Reddit and Digg will immediately feel at home.

The main Ngoor features revolve around: bookmarking, sharing and discovering.

- Bookmarking: is the process of saving a link for future use. You can access your bookmarks (or saved links) from any computer. You can put a tag on each link in order to organize your work, travel, plans, weekend, … . You might be interested in shopping online and see who else is interested in the same product and follow other consumers’ interests.

– Sharing: You can share your links ( or bookmarks) with other members, so your friends, co-workers, and other people can view and use them as references, for joint collaboration purposes etc.. (Note that you might also mark your bookmarks on ngoor as private.)

– Discovering:You can add to your own collection of bookmarks updates of other ngoor members whom you follow. You have access to the links that other members save on their own ngoor profile. You can see who else saves the same link that you are into. Additionally you can see the number of ngoor members who express their interest in the link you are interested in.

An interesting touch to NGoor is that you only need to add the ngoor URL to every link you wish to save to bookmark or share the link. If you wish to share this entry on Ngoor, use this link and the ngoor bookmark window will appear:

It’s as simple as that. This annihilates the need to save any bookmark lets or use browser extensions and makes Ngoor truly usable on any platforms, also on your mobile phone or iOS devices.

Try Ngoor if you’re looking for a new social bookmarking service or an alternative to Delicious.

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