StumbleUpon Surpasses Facebook, Takes Over Number One “Social Sharing” Spot

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StumbleUpon LogoFacebook may have more than 750 million users and a massive network of sites that allow users to “Like” and “Recommend” webpages but when it comes to social sharing StumbleUpon is the new king of the internet.

StatCounter racked up total shares on various networks and found that while Facebook use to generate close to 70% of traffic based on social sharing that number has falling below 40% while StumbleUpon accounts for nearly half of all social shared links.

Here’s a look at social sharing stats from the US:

social media stats

While StumbleUpon is rocking out the Social Shares in the United States, StatCounter points out that on a worldwide basis their numbers dramatically fall, while Facebook accounts for approximately 60% of all social sharing traffic around the world.

Social Media Share Stats Worldwide

Facebook of course has a huge advantage with a user based that has recently surpassed 750 million, while those same users spend more than 250 billion minutes per month on the site, allowing for a high absorption rate of social media shared links.

In response to the company’s successes StumbleUpon CEO Garrett Camp sat down with Media Beat to discuss his company’s successes which includes 15 million registered users and nearly 850 million stumbles each month.

StumbleUpon is an excellent platform and as an owner of various websites I have seen the success a popular Stumble can bring to a sites traffic, however the site is still rather “thin” when it comes to features that engage users, if Camp and his team can continue to add new features and attract users to their platform en-masse the system could become an even larger success.

In the meantime, the numbers for StumbleUpon as shown in the first graph on this page have shown a steady increase in traffic shares since April 2011, possibly signaling that users of the platform are engaging more with the program.

Taking a look at popular service Reddit and even Twitter one thing is obvious, the team at StumbleUpon have created a system that allows users to engage with sites at a much more rapid clip, the only issue is whether or not those visitors engage with sites and their advertising partners in the same way a user who isn’t quickly stumbling through a page engages.

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