Twitter Continues Its Path to Dominate App Ecosystem: Android App Android App Finally Receives Push Notifications and Multiple Accounts

Twitter for Android

Twitter for Android

After several months of waiting the Twitter Android app has finally received a much needed update and more even: features similar to the iPhone Twitter app.

The new and improved app for Android users finally has Multiple account management, push notifications and improved home screen widgets, as well as numerous bug fixes.

Fans of Push notifications: Open your account settings and select Automatic refresh. After doing so you can select whether you want Push notifications for Direct messages, Mentions and/or Tweets.

While the Twitter Android app seems to finally catch up with other Twitter clients for Android, especially by adding multiple accounts management, it would be nice to see a visual refresh of the app as well. Most Android apps still severely lack when it comes to visual design , and Twitter is no exception here. Twitter’s design has seen massive improvements over the last 12 months but we hope that Douglas Bowman, Twitter’s Creative Director, would start using an Android phone and subsequently improve the design of the Twitter Android app.

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