Chrome Extension Brings Google Translation To Google+ Posts And Comments

Google Translate LogoHaving a hard time communicating with your international followers on Google+? Have no fear a new Chrome extension has been released for the social network which provides automatic post and comments translation.

Release on Monday Google Translate for Google+ is capable of translating 50 languages and can easily be installed using standard Google Chrome extension downloading.

According to Google Translate front-end and mobile development lead Josh Estelle:

“We’ve heard from a lot of Google+ users wanting an easier way to understand posts written in other languages. I’m an engineer on Google Translate and thought we could do something about that.”

Josh goes on to add:

“Once you’ve installed the extension, refresh Google+ and you’ll see Translate links next to posts and comments. Click the links to instantly see translations.”

Sure there are some languages still missing but my guess is they will add more support at a later time and if you’re speaking with someone who speaks an minority language I assume you probably speak the language.

Here’s a first look at the translation extension in action:

Google+ Translate

Have you taken advantage of the Chrome translation plugin for Google+? Let us know what you think.

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