Facebook Unveils New Gaming Features, Takes Aim At Google+ Game Platform

Facebook Gaming - New Features

Facebook Gaming - New Features

Facebook on Thursday announced a slew of new gaming features meant to trump the newly launched Google+ gaming platform.

Among the sites features is a new Game Ticker which turns the right-side of the Facebook Chat column into a newsfeed which shows your friends game activity as you play games on the platform. The column not only shows which games your friends are playing, it actually displays their gaming achievements and high scores, allowing for more competition and the discovery of new games for Facebook players.

The Game Ticker is also meant to add a social element which means clicking on the ticker will take you to the game your friends are playing so you can play along. Users can also choose to ignore certain story streams from gaming friends just like they can on their standard profile newsfeed.

Facebook also announced that gamers on their platform can now expand the gaming screen, adding some much needed and often requested real estate when playing action based games. The expanded screen also means Farmville fans will be able to watch more of their crops at one time without the need to constantly scroll around the gaming screen. [Read more…]

Facebook, Twitter, and RIM mulls UK PM Cameron’s riot block threat

Social Media LogosIn the midst of the week’s widespread lootingBritish prime minister David Cameron suggested blocking individuals from accessing their social media accounts if they’re found to be openly plotting violent acts.

Twitter, Facebook, and BlackBerry Messenger have been pointed out as playing a role in organizing riots in London, Birmingham, Manchester and other cities in the UK.

Home Secretary Teresa May has summoned the three companies to discuss methods of preventing people from organizing violent mass actions.

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California Prison asks Facebook: Take Down Inmate Pages

Facebook LogoCalifornia Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation administrators  have begun reporting inmate Facebook pages and asking the company to take these down.

Corrections Department Secretary Matthew Cate  said that access to social media allows inmates to circumvent their monitoring process and may actually be allowing them to continue criminal activity.

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Facebook Messenger Aims To Take On Text Messaging, Could Actually Win

Facebook Dedicated Messaging App

Facebook Dedicated Messaging App

Facebook on Tuesday debuted Facebook Messaging, a dedicated mobile platform for iPhone and Android devices that allows users to easily and efficiently communicate with their friends.

The program is a standalone application that allows Facebook users to send text messages between phones, while storing their conversations in a user’s messaging center for easy access both from their smartphone and from their Facebook page.

The program also rolls out group texting, allowing users to choose which Facebook contacts they want to contact while sending all of those users text messages at the same time, a perfect option for a night out on the town, party planning or possibly even for business use while out in the field.

The application was helped along by Facebook’s acquisition of Beluga, a mobile-based company that separated users into “pods” which would share text messages and images.  [Read more…]

Facebook Adds “Topics” To News Feed, Hopes To Better Categorize Your Wall

Facebook People

Facebook PeopleFacebook on Monday rolled out a new “topics’ feature for status updates which lumps status messages of the same type together for easier browsing and discovery.

The company’s new algorithm finds messages from all of your friends that pertain to the same subject and then lump those messages together by displaying a message next to each message which tells users how many other users have posted about a certain subject outside of the original poster.

For example in the output below it states that the original poster plus two other people have posted about Harry Potter: [Read more…]

Should SEO Be Taught in Schools?


Depending on what degree a certain person might be trying to obtain, it might actually be in the best interest of a person to skip college and go right into starting their own business or making it the hard way – working.

There are some types of degrees you absolutely have to go to college for. You cannot become a doctor or a plastic surgeon without going to school (at least in the way our world is operated now). And you more than likely cannot be a chemical or electrical engineer without going to school either. However our school system was based on a system that was created many, many years ago – and it may perhaps be entirely outdated.

Should SEO be taught in schools?

Could you imagine how many more Internet startups there would be if they taught it in high school to teenagers? You would have 14-18 year old kids cranking out affiliate gateways, blogs, and providing SEO services everyday after school at 3 p.m. The SEO industry would be flooded within the matter of a semester or two of teaching it and the competition on the web would skyrocket. [Read more…]

Spam King Sanford Wallace out on bail after indictment for Spamming 27 million on Facebook

Facebook Phishing ScamsSanford Wallace, the self-proclaimed “spam king”, is out on bail after posting a US $100,000 bond on charges that he sent more than 27 million spam messages to Facebook users.

Sanford was indicted on July 6 on six counts of electronic mail fraud, three counts of intentional damage to a protected computer and two counts of criminal contempt.

The indictment filed in San Jose federal court said Wallace compromised about 500,000 Facebook accounts between November 2008 and March 2009 by sending massive amounts of spam through the company’s servers on three separate occasions.

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Google+ Link Sharing Makes Inviting Your Friends Easier [Free Invites Here]

Googe Plus Invites

Googe Plus Invites

Google+ is trying to make it much easier for their 25+ million users to invite their friends over to the social network and to accomplish that goal they have rolled out a new link sharing system.

The new social network update allows users to create a unique link which can be shared with up to 150 friends, as a user clicks on that link and signs up for Google+ they are automatically added to their friends Google+ account, ensuring a quick connection.

Users still have the option to invite friends by email, however the new link could allow users to also invite Twitter and other social network friends over to their Google+ accounts by simply offering a quick cut and paste solution. [Read more…]

5 Legal Guides Every Blogger Should Read

Image of Law Books

Image of Law BooksAs we’ve discussed previously on this site, being a blogger can be very risky legally. With a slew of potential legal issues including copyright, defamation, trademark, privacy and much more, there are many ways a well-meaning blogger can find themselves being sued.

To make matters worse, there’s a great deal of conflicting and confusing information on the Web and what good information there is, generally, is scattered across multiple pages and sites. This makes learning about the law difficult and means you can spend a great deal of time just trying to keep yourself out of court.

Fortunately, several bloggers and blogging-related organizations have worked hard to produce legal guides that give you a good breadth of information in a simple, single work that you can easily read or search through.

With that in mind, here are five of the best of those guides, what’s in them and how they can be useful in helping you protect yourself and your rights. [Read more…]

Online Photo Storage And Sharing: Infographic


What are the best online photo storage sites?

Gone are the days when photos are tucked into albums and shown only for special occasions. Today, memorable photos and videos can be stored safely on the internet via online photo storage. Photo storage online is fast becoming the main location where people keep their photos. Because of the threat of losing their most precious files, more and more users are using this technology in addition to storing them on their computer’s hard drive.

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