Facebook Navigation Bar Now Grabs Onto Top Of Page, Won’t Let Go

Facebook Navigation BarFacebook on Friday started floating the user navigation bar at the top of the social networks web pages, even as users scroll down the page.

Under the old system when the page was scrolled the navigation bar would disappear and only reappear when users scrolled back to the top of the site, requiring one extra step while checking for new messages and browsing updates.

Among the features users will now constantly see on the left side of the bar are friend requests, messages and notifications and the search bar, while the right side features the home and profile anchor options and the account settings selector.

Facebook isn’t the first social network to employ such output techniques, Twitter uses a floating design to keep their navigation bar ever present at the top of the screen.

While the bar is a significant design change for the social network Inside Facebook points to more to come, speculating that the site will see a major redesign shift when at the Facebook F8 conference.

Facebook is also said to be working on a way to keep ads always showing in an attempt to improve click-through and exposure rates.

Do you like the new locked Navigation bar? If you don’t see the change yet you should in the near future.


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