Zynga Delivers CityVille To Google+ Users, Offers One More Reason To Leave Facebook

CityVille Now Available On Google PlusZynga, creators of the uber-popular social game CityVille have brought the game to the Google+ social network.

The announcement comes only one month after Zynga and Google+ teamed up for the Google+ Games platform and shouldn’t surprise anyone since Google is an investor in Zynga.

The game joins Zynga Poker and marks one of the first 16 game titles offered by the social gaming company.

Putting the two games into perspective, CityVille has more than 70 million unique players every single month while Zynga Poker attracts just 30 million.

Pushing their games out to Google+ also means Zynga won’t necessarily be dependent on Facebook where the largest chunks of their traffic is obtained.  At this time Facebook receives 30% of Zynga’s revenues through the use of their Facebook Credits platform, while the company pays the same percentage for Apple for iOS platform use. Google on the other hand is offering better terms to developers which has made the platform an attractive offering.

In an official blog post Google says:

“It’s no secret we’re big fans of Google+ here at Zynga.”

While Google+ currently sits at around 50 million users, far less than Facebook’s 800 million monthly visitors it’s still a good sign for Zynga as they look for partners with growth potential.

Will you be playing Zynga’s CityVille on your Google+ account.


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