Facebook Officially Announces Spotify Integration During F8 Conference

Facebook with Spotify Integration

Facebook with Spotify Integration

It’s official Spotify is coming to Facebook! Spotify CEO Daniel Ek stepped out onto the stage at Facebook’s 4th annual F8 conference on Thursday and announced the partnership while highlighting some of the interesting statistics they’ve gathered from Spotify users who have already connected their accounts.

According to Ek users listen to more music and choose from a wider variety of music while connected to the social media network. Users who opt for Spotify on Facebook are also twice as likely to pay for the service.

Ek also explained that he hopes the system will allow users to discover more music and broaden their music listening habits thanks to the Facebook partnership. [Read more…]

Social Media Mentions and Search Engines

social media 2

It used to be that social media and search engine optimization were mutually exclusive domains. People just did not see the connection between these two.  If you do social media campaigns, such as interacting with your customers on Twitter or maintaining a Facebook page for your business, there is really little need for SEO.  Your Facebook page and Twitter account often get marketed on different channels via different means.  Nobody really expected to get a high ranking for their social media pages, unless you or your business has a very unique name.

On the flip side, SEO practitioners know fully well that social media will not help their attempts at getting a higher ranking for their websites.  Most social media sites are no-follow, so even if they have really high page ranks, they do not really offer your site anything. Those that do offer some amount of link juice have been spammed and abused by fellow marketers that it is nearly not worth the effort to be on these sites anymore. [Read more…]

How to Make the Freemium Model Work


The last few years have seen a revolution in terms of online marketing. The rise of new, disruptive technologies such as peer to peer and social media have led to a fundamental shift on how business is done. A model that emerged as a possible answer to these problems is the Freemium paradigm. In essence it relies on gathering a large following and then trying to capitalize on it with low yield methods. Its adepts claim that the high volume will make up for the relatively low profit margin.

Promising as it sounds, this model has lead to multiple business failures. However, there are success stories as well. It’s obvious that the Freemium model CAN work, but only if you know what you’re doing. [Read more…]

Google+ Ditches Private Invite-Only Status, Welcomes Everyone To Platform

Google+ Logo

Google+ LogoFor the last three months users who wanted to test Google+ needed to be invited by a friend or through a special Google invite and now the company has opened their network to eveyone.

Google’s Vic Gundotra writes on the official Google Blog:

“We’re ready to move from field trial to beta, and introduce our 100th feature: open signups.”

The move comes with some nice new features including the ability to add Google+ Hangouts using Android 2.3 devices and higher. Google+ users will also find an updated search feature which provides Google+ and Google search results from around the web. [Read more…]

Zynga Rolls Out Lighthouse Cove Expansion Pack

Lighthouse Cove by Zynga

Lighthouse Cover - Zynga Welcome ScreenSocial game developer Zynga on Monday announced the release of Lighthouse Cove a new expansion pack for their highly popular FarmVille platform.

According to the company, players to Lighthouse Cove are tasked with rebuilding a coastal area after a gigantic storm wipes everything out. Using the games platform users can plant crops, erect new buildings and even make their destination a getaway spot by adding in a bed and breakfast while creating culinary dishes for town guests.

The expansion pack is available to users who have made it past level 15 of the standard FarmVille platform. Users at that level will also see a bunch of additions including river otters, duroc pigs, raspberry wine and super maple trees. [Read more…]

BlogHerald Looks Back On The Last Week In Social Media

Keyboard Image

Keyboard ImageNeed to find a new apartment that matches your social lifestyle? Perhaps you want to cook an amazing new dish for family and friends? In this ‘week in review’ we look at two newly launched apps that can help you with both of those issues. We also report on Google’s new develop API’s for Google+, take a look at YouTube’s new video editing feature for on-site edits and break down how Video changing the way bloggers should view copyright in an important segment that’s a must read for active online videographers.

ApartmentList Brings Apartment Hunting To Facebook

ApartmentList is a new Facebook application that users a persons updates and the updates of their friends, along with other profile information to suggest which apartment complexes would be best for renting. Users not only receive algorithm based recommendations but can also share their potential apartment choices with friends who can help them make up their mind.

YouTube Rolls Out Video Editing Feature

While the new YouTube on-site video editing feature isn’t going to replace Final Cut Pro anytime soon it does allow users to trim the beginning and end of their YouTube clips and even add certain special effects without changing the videos URL, thus allowing users to keep their video’s comments and page view numbers. [Read more…]

Facebook Navigation Bar Now Grabs Onto Top Of Page, Won’t Let Go

Facebook Navigation Bar

Facebook Navigation BarFacebook on Friday started floating the user navigation bar at the top of the social networks web pages, even as users scroll down the page.

Under the old system when the page was scrolled the navigation bar would disappear and only reappear when users scrolled back to the top of the site, requiring one extra step while checking for new messages and browsing updates.

Among the features users will now constantly see on the left side of the bar are friend requests, messages and notifications and the search bar, while the right side features the home and profile anchor options and the account settings selector.

Facebook isn’t the first social network to employ such output techniques, Twitter uses a floating design to keep their navigation bar ever present at the top of the screen. [Read more…]

How Video is Changing Copyright for Bloggers

Video Camera Image

Video Camera ImageWith more and more bloggers dipping their toes into creating video content for their sites, the climate they’re working in is changing when it comes to copyright.

Though copyright, by design, protects all forms of content equally, how it is enforced and who is doing the enforcing changes drastically with the medium. This means that bloggers who might take some of their habits, both good and bad, from text into video, might be in for a bit of culture shock.

So what are some of the copyright changes a blogger should expect when going from text to video? Here’s just a small sample of some of the ways the two media are very different from both a practical and a legal perspective. [Read more…]

Recipe Finder, The Largest Recipe Search Engine, Launches Today

Recipe Search Engine

Recipe Search Engine Logo

Recipe Finder Logo

Facebook and Google+ may be the biggest things online today, but there is no doubt that there are a lot of other niches catching the attention of the masses. Of those niches, portals that focus on lifestyle – cooking, health, fitness, etc. – continue to draw considerable traffic. No surprise there, considering that the online world is simply becoming an extension of all things real and tangible. And speaking of cooking, here’s a heads up: there is one newcomer to scene which is bound to make waves in the food/cooking niche.

Recipe Finder is a new search engine which aggregates recipes from some of the most trusted recipe web sites. To date, it has almost 1.7 million recipes and a little more than 700,000 recipe images in its database. They index sites regularly, resulting in an ever growing collection for the foodie/home cook who is constantly looking for something new to play with in the kitchen. Let’s take a closer look at the site. [Read more…]