LinkedIn Now Allows Users To Add Volunteer Experience To Profiles


LinkedInLinkedIn on Wednesday announced a new profile field called Volunteer Experience & Causes, a section which allows users to highlight any unpaid and charitable work experience they have accomplished.

Using the system users can click on specific causes and fill out their experience profile for example users will already find the Red Cross or Habitat for Humanity in the system. Users can also add specific organizations to the system if they have not already been added.

The site decided to add the feature after they conducted a recent survey which found that out of 2,000 U.S. professionals, 41% said they use charitable work experience when evaluating candidates for a position. In fact those same professionals say charitable work matters just as much as paid work with 20% revealing that they have hired workers based on volunteer experience. [Read more…]

Here Comes Instagram: Infographic


The Rise In Popularity Of Instagram

With the increasing popularity of social media communication, here comes another application that’s been creating a huge buzz around the internet for a while now: the image uploading app. Instagram. Instagram is so popular that it has gained more than 4.5 million users in less than a year. Like Twitter, members can follow your posts but instead of words, you get to post photos and then your follower can “like” your photos and leave you comments, for whatever reason, many people are fascinated by this. But what’s even more amazing about Instagram is that even professional fashion photographers and Hollywood celebrities are getting hooked by its immense popularity. It has even caught the attention of the number one social media site: FaceBook.

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Will Google+ Live Up To Its Name With Brand Accounts?


Google+ is growing, and it’s growing fast. But will this new platform meet the needs of professionals? With plans to implement brand accounts in the foreseeable future, there are a lot of wishes on every social media manager’s wish list. To get the most out of this technology for a brand there are a host of things people would like to see. [Read more…]

Smartphone Users Less Likely To Checkin Than Perform Other Tasks [Study]

Smartphone Activities By Number

Foursquare and GowallaGeo-location based services such as Foursquare and Gowalla may be growing their active user bases but they aren’t exactly the most popular programs among Smartphone users.

According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, Foursquare and other location based applications are the least popular apps among smartphone users.

The survey asked 2,277 adults about their preferences when using their phones and more than half said they access social networks, send photos and view email, while only 12% of smartphone owners say checkin services are a regular part of their daily routine.

The study also found that checkin users are even less likely to share their location to Facebook and Twitter with just 9% of internet users and 14% of  experience social media users posting their locations to social networks.

Here’s a look at how Smartphone users are utilizing their devices programs: [Read more…]

Facebook Security Flaw Let’s Users Hijack Pages From Original Owners

Facebook Flaw

Facebook FlawA strange Facebook security flaw has allowed page administrator to kick off original Page creators from the admin list, thus hijacking the page from an original owner.

The hack was discovered by security blog Naked Security and works by providing new admins with the same administrative rights as the page creator, even though Facebook FAQ clearly notes that the “original creator of the Page may never be removed by other Page admins.”

While that’s the way the program “should” work, the video shown below clearly shows a different type of system in which any administrator can kick out an original admin, even if they are the person who created the page.

According to the Register Facebook FAQ errored in terminology, in any case, the reality of the situation doesn’t match the rights of page owners and administrators.

Here’s the video showing the error: [Read more…]

Facebook Releases Official “Like Button” Chrome Extension

Facebook Like Button Extension for Chrome

Facebook Like Button Extension for ChromeChrome internet browser users as of Friday can now “Like” posts and pictures directly from their browser thanks to the social networks new “Like” extension download.

Unlike the unofficial extension which offers the same type of functionality this official extension also shows how many other people have liked the page you’re viewing.

The extension only takes a few seconds to install and can be used on any web page a users accesses, of course most websites have already added the Like button on their own.

Upon testing the extension I found the most use in the “Like This Image” feature while browsing Reddit and ICanHasCheezeburger where the content is often image intensive. [Read more…]

Is Your Site Being Blocked?

Roadblock Image

Roadblock Image

Currently, there at least some 22 countries that block some websites, even more that block VOIP services. China alone represents a block that can restrict access to your site to over 1 billion people.

Though there are ways around most of these Internet blocks, few within the countries impacted have the means and ability to do so, making those blocks, for the most part, at least somewhat effective at limiting communication.

The sad truth is that, though some strides have been made in promoting freedom of access online, many countries are tightening their grip. Recent news from Iran indicates the country tightening its grip and increasing its filtering. Turkey has also seen a similar tightening of Internet restrictions.

But blocking goes well beyond countries. Though less nefarious in nature, many companies and households also use blocking technology to restrict who can access certain sites. Whether the goal is to increase employee productivity or prevent minors from access adult content, the results are often the same.

So is your site being blocked? Are people who might want to visit your site barred from accessing it and, if so, what can be done about it? Here’s a quick look at the current web filtering landscape and what it means for your site. [Read more…]

Jack Dorsey Asks Twitter Developers For “Candid Feedback” To Improve API, Other Twitter Offerings

Jack Dorsey - Twitter Co-Founder

Jack Dorsey - Twitter Co-Founder

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey on Thursday posted a message to Twitter developers, asking them to provide “candid feedback” about the creation of the company’s next generation Twitter API’s and tools.

The move comes after Twitter has been on the prowl against developers, oftentimes shutting them out in an attempt to gain control of their own product base, including the blocking of third-party ads from streams.

In his letter Dorsey says developers have been a key part of the company’s success and ensured them that Twitter will be providing them with the ‘structure, tools, resources and support’ that they need to build their applications for the Twitter platform.

Developers can start discussions in a thread in the Discussions group that will allow developers to share ideas with the entire Twitter team.

Here’s what Dorsey had to say about the future of Twitter, specifically within the iOS system: [Read more…]