Google Reader Rolls Out Google+ Integration

Google Reader with Google Plus

Google Reader with Google Plus

Google on Monday began rolling out a new version of Google Reader which provides a brand-new design with deep Google+ integration.

Taking ques from their recently designed Gmail and Google Calendar makeovers the Google Reader app features a sparse design that highlighted Google+ sharing functionality while still retaining an interface Google Reader fans will find familiar.

The Google +1 button has replaced where the “Like” button use to stand. Google Reader users who are signed in and members of Google+ can also choose which of their Google+ circles to share articles to using Google+ snippets.  [Read more…]

The Power of Social Media Marketing on Business– The Unbeatable Trend


How Powerful is Social Media?

Through the vast advancement of technology, people nowadays depend highly in the juices of technology. We are able to accomplish things fast and efficient through the high tech gadgets and machineries invented. We are also able to connect with different people in diverse culture and race through different social media marketing.

Businesses are one of the great benefactors of social media marketing. Because as we trace history, before we are having a hard time promoting our products and service because of the limited resources we all have. The most popular way of advertising is through the Trimedia (TV, RADIO and Print). Fortunately, many methods are available to help us generate more traffic and eventually translate the lead generation to our target audience. [Read more…]

5 Legal Nightmares to Scare you on Halloween

Trick of Treat

Trick of TreatWith Halloween rapidly approaching, almost everyone is in the mood for a good ghost, zombie or vampire story. But while there’s always a good chill to be had from a scary tale or movie, some of the most frightening things aren’t works of fiction or stories at all, they’re simple facts.

Of those types of scary things, there is little more frightening than the law itself and how it can impact our daily lives.

As bloggers, we’re even more vulnerable than most when it comes to legal issues because, in addition to the usual spate of laws one has to follow day-to-day, we have the responsibilities of dealing with mass media law as well. Something, previously, few outside of the TV, radio, print and related industries had to deal with.

So, if you want some scary thoughts to give you something to ponder, here are five of the scariest legal realities and what they mean for you. [Read more…]

BlogHerald Week In Review: Sweden, Klout, Google’s New Hire and More

Social Media

Social MediaIt has been a busy week in the world of social media as employees jump ship, Blackberry finally receives an assist from Facebook and Klout made big changes to their algorithm which they promise will make determining a persons Klout more accurate.

Here are a few of this weeks top social media stories in case you missed them.

1. Finally, Facebook Messenger Available For BlackBerry With Great New Features 

After a very long wait users of Blackberry devices can now pick up an official Facebook messenger application. Among the programs best features are the “who’s online” real-time option which also shows when a friend is typing, support for 12 languages and location based sharing. Facebook Messenger for Blackberry devices also features push notifications and plenty of other bells and whistles.  [Read more…]

Facebook Announces Sweden Based Data Center, Says It’s Really Cold There

Facebook Sweden Plant

Facebook Sweden Plant

Large data centers cost a lot of money to cool down, especially when they are built in warmer climate areas and that’s why Facebook is building their next state of the art data center in Sweden.

The company announced this week that they will build a 900,000 square foot server farm in Lulea, Sweden, a town of just 45,000 people that is located 600 miles north of Stockholm and just 60 miles south of the Arctic Circle.

The locations appeal for Facebook is the areas average temperature which is just 27.5 degrees. The company hopes that the colder temperatures will help keep their servers cool and therefore they will use less electricity to power their facility.  [Read more…]

Klout Changes Algorithm, Many Users Find Scores Negatively Effected

Klout Logo

Klout LogoSocial ranking website Klout announced on Wednesday that they have changed the algorithm used to provide users with Klout scores.

According to Klout director of ranking Ash Rust the new scoring model:

“Represents the biggest step forward in accuracy, transparency and our technology in Klout’s history.”

During a blog post last week Klout CEO Joe Fernandez explained his company’s changes while noting that:

“A majority of users will see their scores stay the same or go up but some users will see a drop.”

While some users may be angered by their sudden Klout score decrease the company says their new system will provide users with an analytics platform of sorts which will provide them with reasons for their lowered score.  [Read more…]

Google Blog Manager Karen Wickre Heads To Twitter

Karen Wickre

Karen WickreAfter nine years with Google Karen Wickre, the blog manager who helped start and manage Google blogs has flown the coup for a position at social network Twitter.

Google’s senior media liason for the Google blog platform was not only responsible for Google’s blogging efforts but also helped foreshadow her new position after personally overseeing the launch of Google’s Twitter presence.

On Tuesday Wickre said on her  personal blog that she was crossing over while explained her new role:

“I’ll be working closely with the marketing & comms teams (and probably a few others) in a new role: editorial director,” she writes. “As you might guess, it will involve a fair amount of wordsmithing as well as nurturing a consistent Twitter voice across our public messages and information pages.” [Read more…]

HostUCan’s Host Relevancy Check Tool Makes Picking A Provider Super Easy

HostUCan Revelance Checking Part 1

HostUCanChoosing a reliable hosting company for your website can be a daunting task, especially if you’re new to the world of website development and that’s where HostUCan’s Host Relevancy Check Tool comes into play, by entering the name of your proposed hosting company along with some basic information about your sites initial traffic expectations and the type of framework your site will be built upon (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc) you can find out if the hosting provider you are investigating can handle your sites needs.

To begin using the program I navigated to the host relevancy check tool start page. Once on that page a simple “Search Company” box is shown:

HostUCan Revelance Checking Part 1

As you can see I typed in the host provider in that section, since I wanted to find Arvixe Review information I simply typed in the name Arvixe and then clicked on the magnifying glass icon to the right.  [Read more…]

Facebook Partners With U.S. Labor Market, Hopes To Find People Jobs

Facebook for Job Seekers

Facebook for Job SeekersDuring the recent Web 2.0 Summit LinkedIn Chariman Reid Hoffman suggested that Facebook can’t compete with his company’s business model but now it’s being reported that the world’s largest social network has partnered with the U.S. Labor Department for that very reason.

At this time it’s still unclear exactly how Facebook will integrate new employee/employer job functions into the social network however their recent design changes have made it easier for information to be shared which in turn could lead to better job promotion for job seekers.

According to the Los Angeles Times the social network has “downplayed the significance of rolling out resources for job hunters”. In the meantime they are working on creating a central location for job searching services so that Facebook users can connect to a variety of resources directly from within their Facebook accounts.

According to Facebook Spokesman Andrew Noyes:

“This is not a competitive service. It’s a public service.” [Read more…]

Finally, Facebook Messenger Available For BlackBerry With Great New Features

image 1

Facebook Messenger 1.5 has landed on Blackberry with all its features. The social networking site has announced that the latest version of Facebook messenger has now targeted the top three Smartphone platforms- Blackberry, iPhone (iOS) and Android. Blackberry has iOS5 and thus is supported with the Facebook messenger 1.5. The Facebook Messenger for Blackberry is launched recently but for the android devices and iPhones it was released a few months ago.

The new version of Facebook Messenger is added with some great performance improvements as well as a few new features along with the support for the Blackberry platform. If you want to use the newest version of Facebook messenger on your Android smartphone, you can get it from the Googleís Android Market and if you want to use it on your iPhone, you can get it from Appleís App Store. The Facebook Messenger 1.5 for Blackberry is available on RIMís BlackBerry App World. [Read more…]