Facebook Announces Sweden Based Data Center, Says It’s Really Cold There

Facebook Sweden Plant

Large data centers cost a lot of money to cool down, especially when they are built in warmer climate areas and that’s why Facebook is building their next state of the art data center in Sweden.

The company announced this week that they will build a 900,000 square foot server farm in Lulea, Sweden, a town of just 45,000 people that is located 600 miles north of Stockholm and just 60 miles south of the Arctic Circle.

The locations appeal for Facebook is the areas average temperature which is just 27.5 degrees. The company hopes that the colder temperatures will help keep their servers cool and therefore they will use less electricity to power their facility. 

Facebook also hopes to save money thanks to the areas hydroelectric dam. Facebook’s new plant will use 120 megawatts of electricity, enough power for nearly 16,000 homes in the area.

In a statement about their plans for the new server farm Facebook said:

“The Lulea data center will draw its power almost exclusively from hydroelectric sources. The result is a data center that is significantly more efficient than the industry standard, saving energy and reducing its environmental footprint.”

Now comes the real issue, getting Facebook employees to agree to relocation just 60 miles south of the Arctic circle.


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