Facebook Struggles To Find A Streaming Video Voice And Audience

Facebook Video Views

Facebook Video Views

Despite the second most number of unique viewers for their videos section Facebook.com in October 2011 failed once again to turn their site visitors into longtime viewers of videos posted by Friends and advertisers.

The comScore Video Metrix shown above shows that while Facebook.com was able to surpass VEVO for the first time in terms of total unique viewers, they fell far short of the groups all important ‘Minutes per Viewer.’

Putting those numbers in comparison, Facebook managed 59.815 million unique viewers who watched 346.017 million videos but spent only 18.4 minutes watching those videos.

In comparison VEVO managed a lower unique visitor number at 56.998 million viewers but scored huge with 827.008 million videos with an average per user viewing time of 66 minutes. [Read more…]

Inside Google: What It Takes To Run The Massive Tech Firm [Infographic]

Google Numbers

Google LogoIn their quest to build a better network and remain the world’s #1 search engine and software firm the team at Google must consume tremendous amounts of electricity while always building new products.

The folks at BusinessMBA.org have created an infographic that showcases just how big Google has become.

Among some of the infographics most interesting facts are the 2-billion Killowatt-hour of electricity the company’s data centers need to consume to remain online (50% of what Hoover Dam produced in a year) and the simple fact that Google in 2010 with $29.3 billion in revenue made more money than the 28 poorest countries in the world COMBINED!

Throw in more than $2 billion earned annually from the massively growing mobile ads market and it’s easy to see why Google has managed to carve out a very nice business for themselves in a rather short period of time.

Here’s the infographic to show you more interesting fact about the Google company structure and what it takes to run the world’s fastest growing software and search firm: [Read more…]

Facebook’s Top 10 Most Shared Stories Of 2011

Facebook Sharing

Facebook Sharing

From fighting in Afghanistan to Zodiac signs that didn’t really change after all, American’s shared a wide ranging number of stories in 2011 and now Facebook had released the top shared articles thanks to their Facebook Share and Facebook Like buttons along with direct copy and paste shares in user accounts.

Facebook Reaches Settlement Agreement With FTC

Facebook Logo with Phone

Facebook Logo with PhoneFacebook and the FTC have finally reached an agreement in regards to privacy uses which the governmental agency believes Facebook violated as the company shared more information with advertisers than their members originally agreed to allow.

In charges dating back to 2009 when Facebook changed its privacy settings so private “friends only” message became visible to everyone (such as friends lists) the FTC said:

“They didn’t warn users that this change was coming, or get their approval in advance.”

Under the agreed upon settlement Facebook must have users “opt-in” to any new changes made to the company’s privacy policy which would change the way in which a users privacy is shared. The new system replaces the company’s “opt-out” system which changed privacy settings for all users and then gave them the opportunity to opt-out through a confusing interface of user settings.  [Read more…]

Nickelodeon Artists Takes Reddit Cartoon Requests

Reddit Cartoon Requests

Reddit Cartoon RequestsNickelodeon storyboard artist and Reddit user “thewondercat” recently started an AMA (Ask Me Anything)  session on Reddit and through that session he received some unique ideas that were later posted in the form of altered cartoon characters.

In his thread he started by posting:

“IAmA Nickelodeon Storyboard Artist. AMA and I’ll draw it”.

What ensued was 5 hours of constant sketching that ended up created 22 drawings that were all posted for the world to see.

After completing his drawing marathon the artist wrote:

“I drew for about 5 hours and got tons of requests. I wish I could’ve drawn everyone’s but hey, maybe I’ll just have to do this again sometime. I just finished drawing a request for a little girl’s birthday this weekend and I think that’s a good note to go out on.” [Read more…]

Google+ Publishes Page Building Guide For Politicians

Google Plus For Politics

Google Plus For Politics

With the 2012 election cycle quickly approaching the team at Google+ has posted a guide for politicians and candidates, a step-by-step set of instructions for creating the perfect politician page for interacting with voters and constituents.

According to Google the guide is meant to help candidates:

“Promote an issue(s), platform or cause across the web.”

In the guide Google shows off the pages of Mitt Romney, Sen. Bernie Sanders and others who have already taken advantage of the Google+ platform to spread their messages. Other politicians also using Google+ at this time including President Obama and Newt Gingrich. [Read more…]

Facebook To Receive EU Sanctions In January

Facebook Privacy

Facebook PrivacyThe European Commission in January is going to make it harder for social networking company Facebook to share a users personal information with advertisers unless they opt-in to that type of sharing.

According to The Telegraph officials are preparing to update already in existence data protection laws, making it harder for Facebook to give away for example a users location based information and political beliefs.

Speaking about their new system of checks and balances Viviane Reding, the vice president of European Commission says:

“I call on service providers – especially social media sites – to be more transparent about how they operate,” and “Users must know what data is collected and further processed [and] for what purposes.” [Read more…]

Google+ Gets First Commercial, Claims To Be Like ‘Real Life’

Google Plus Commercial

Google Plus CommercialGoogle on Thursday released their first Google+ commercial and in the TV spot the company attempts to convince users that their system is like “sharing but in real life.”

First aired during the Lions vs. Packers football game the spot focuses on the ways in which Google+ is different than Facebook, for examine how Circles allows users to organize their friends, acquaintances, colleagues, family and others into different circles, while also emphasizing the use of Google Hangouts.

Google has had a great deal of success with commercials in the past, including their Google Parisian Love Super Bowl commercial which brought a great deal of positive reviews to the company’s evolving search platform. Google also launched a Google Chrome TV commercial over the summer that featured pop star Justin Bieber.

Here’s the Google+ Sharing But Like Real Life commercial: [Read more…]

Google Plus Now Business Friendly

google plus

Google Plus is the social media service that Google has recently released and it has been suggested that this service is a direct move against Facebook which is the leading social media website today.

Much praise should be given to the Google team for the constant innovations they seem to bring out; moreover the smooth roll out of Google Plus was also slickly done. Instead of launching it to the entire world, they selected certain countries first of all and then as and when issues arouse they solved them in a timely manner.

Also rather than launching the finished product with all its features, they did the release of Google Plus in a more progressive way so that people could get used to the new social media service without getting confused by to many features. [Read more…]

Holiday Travel Revealed Through Foursquare Checkins [Infographic]

Foursquare Note

Foursquare NoteHoliday travel is almost as much of a tradition in the United States as the holiday’s themselves. Wanting to examine holiday travel trends from last years travel Foursquare created an infographic that shows how people traveled from Halloween until just after Christmas 2010.

In the graphic planes, trains and automobiles (Steve Martin would be happy) were plotted out to show how people traveled and from which destinations they traveled.

To compile their data Foursquare examined the two airports each traveler checked into (departing and arriving airports) and they did the same for train stations. To determine automobile traffic they then used checkins on major highways and roads to show how heavily trafficked major interstates have become during the holiday travel season.

You’ll also notice that the team at Foursquare plotted out a timeline which shows the peaks that occur during Thanksgiving and Christmas and on a smaller level during New Years Eve.

One thing missing is the number of checkins for each activity which would have been nice to examine in order to better understand what modes of transportation are chosen by the most people during holiday travel.

Here’s the Foursquare travel infographic:

[Read more…]