Facebook Announces Sponsored Ticker Stories

Facebook Sponsored Ticker

Facebook Sponsored TickerFacebook on Tuesday announced that “Sponsored Stories” are now appearing on the pages of each users Facebook account via the new “ticker” option located on the far upper right hand corner of their screens.

Still under a great deal of scrutiny by Facebook users who don’t like the new News Feed and Ticker revamp that rolled out in September the new feature places ads directly inside a users ticker right next to other status updates, link shares and other information from their friends list.

The plan is part of Facebook’s inevitable push to have as much information as possible placed in front of users, for example Spotify playlists can now be seen in a users profile.

Speaking about their decision to add the sponsored feature into their news feed a Facebook rep noted:

“Sponsored Stories now appear in Ticker on the home page, Sponsored Stories are an extension of News Feed, so we think it’s natural that they appear in Ticker.” [Read more…]

Google+ Adds Support For Mutual Circles Chat

Google Chat with Google Plus Circles

Google Chat with Google Plus CirclesGoogle on Monday rolled out a new feature that allows Google+ members to automatically chat with any Google Circle member who also has them listed in their Circles.

The new feature can be found in the bottom left-hand corner of your Google+ profile and is meant to mimic the Twitter direct message feature which allows Twitter members to send messages to people who are following them.

As Google explains the new product:

Google Chat makes it easy to chat with people you have relationships with. In Google+, you can chat with anyone in your Circles who also has added you to their Circles. And, when you’re not using Google Plus, you’ll still be able to chat with them using Google products including, Gmail, the Google Talk client, iGoogle, Orkut and 3rd party apps. [Read more…]

SEO Anchor Text to Cross Promote Your Sites


One of the great things about having a successful blog is that it makes it so much easier to launch your next successful blog. All of the hard work that you put into building up your audience and your search engine rankings is something you can leverage for your next site, especially if it’s related to the first.

In addition to the ability to leverage your audience and steer them over to the new site, you can also launch out of the gate with a SEO benefit in the form of of links from your established blog to the new one. This gives your new site some instant search engine credibility by proving it can attract links from an established credible site.

However, one area where I see bloggers with a smattering of SEO knowledge screwing up regularly is with how they treat anchor text when cross promoting. [Read more…]

YouTube’s Very Own “Annoying Orange” Gets Own TV Show

Annoying Orange

Annoying OrangeAnnoying Orange is a huge YouTube success with more than 850 million combined views for all of its videos combined and now that mass appeal has translated into a new show on Cartoon Network.

Joining the networks 2012 lineup Annoying Orange will feature a half-hour show in which Orange and his friends use a “magical fruit cart” to travel through time.

The show was conceived earlier in the year when management company The Collective began working with creator Dane Boedigheimer to shoot a pilot which was then shown to TV networks.

If you’re unfamiliar with the character it’s literally an orange (pictured above) that talks in a squeaky voice and plays tricks on other fruits and vegetables, all the while using corny puns to get their point across.  [Read more…]

Facebook Vs. Google – Privacy and Security Infographic

Google vs Facebook Privacy Infographic



Google vs FacebookWith Google attempting to play catch up in the social networking space many issues have arisen over who has the better Privacy and Security protocols in place when compared to Facebook.

What the Veracode designed infographic below shows is that regardless of what system you use they tend to operate in the same type of privacy and security space, both offering virtually identical protocol options with only a few small changes to their platform.

One glaring problem with Google’s system; they store data for 18 months after you delete your account however unlike Facebook they also offer HTTPS (Secured connections) as a default option rather than a Facebook opt-in request (not all Apps on Facebook work in HTTPS mode).

Here’s the Infographic so you can judge which network is better for privacy and security: [Read more…]

Paypal Facebook App Gives You Ability To Send Friends Money

Send Money

Send Money

PayPal on Thursday unveiled a new Facebook application that allows users to send money to a friend while including a card for every special occasion.

Titled Send Money the program allows you to send cash with a few simple clicks of the mouse button and you can also forgo the card to send money in a pinch.

According to PayPal’s Anuj Nayar:

“The PayPal and Facebook infrastructure have now merged,” and “This is another way to personalize the act of giving money.”

There is no fee for sending money from “person to person” if you already have the cash in your Paypal account or if you’re account is linked to a bank account and not a credit card. [Read more…]

Employees Like Work More When Social Media Is Allowed [Infographic]

Social Networking at Work

social networkingWhen employees are allowed to access social media networks at work one to two times each day a new study has shown that they are more satisfied with their jobs and more likely to stick with an employer.

The study found that even employees who are simply offering the chance to check Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks on their lunch breaks were more satisfied with their employer.

Of all the available networks employees prefer to access Facebook is still the number one choice, although some employees also like to network using LinkedIn (20%) while 18% choose YouTube (likely to show a co-worker a funny video they found at home), and 14% choose Twitter. In some cases employees even prefer throwing up a blog at work with 3% of workers logging into their Blogger accounts.

Unfortunately not all company’s allow for social media access, in fact 28% of company’s blocked access completely while 40% had partial access and just 32% of employees worked at company’s with no blocking policy in place.

Here’s the full infographic: [Read more…]

Foursquare Badges Now “Level Up” As Users Check-In

Foursquare Badges


Foursquare Badges

In the previous version of Foursquare users would earn a badge and then move onto other check-in events to earn other types of rewards, leaving behind their “Swarm” and other badges, however the company is now offering a “Level Up” system which adds increasing levels each time an event is earned.

The new system current affects 24 category badges including “JetSetter,” “Great Outdoors,” and “Wino” among others

According to Foursquare Head of Product Alex Rainert:

“It’s rewarding exploration and awarding expertise,” and “It’s a platform to showcase tastemakers and get their content exposed.” [Read more…]

Coca-Cola Launches First Nationwide QR Code Program

Coca-Cola QR Code Program

Coca-Cola QR Code ProgramCoca-Cola has launched their first ever QR code program in support of their beloved polar bear mascot. Fans of Coke are well aware that the Cola Bear shows up every winter and promotes the company’s beverage through the colder months of the year.

For the QR program Coca-Cola has teamed up with the World Wildlife Federation to help raise better understanding about Polar Bear conservation efforts in the Arctic where many Polar Bears reside.

Scanning a QR code which appears on cups located at 7-Eleven stores will allow buyers to download a Snowball Effect by Coca-Cola app for iPhone and iPad platforms. Once connected to Facebook the app turns into a snowball-throwing game.

Along with playing a fun social game users who generate the most points in the game can win some cool prizes including 1-of-8 iPads.

The application also includes a link to the WWF cause page where you can donate money to help with conservation efforts. Coca-Cola for its part says for every $1 raised they will match that donation up to $1 million.  [Read more…]

Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel Becomes First Mayor With Google+ Brand Page

Rahm Emanuel

Rahm EmanuelNewly elected Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel calls himself an “early adopter” of technology and social media and on Thursday he proved that point when he became the first mayor in the country to feature his very own Google+ brand page, an option that Google has just begun to roll out.

Speaking of his new Google+ presence the Chicago mayor said:

“This is an exciting new way for us to continue an open, public dialogue with Chicagoans and the 40 million people using Google+,” and “We will continue to search for new, innovative ways for the public to stay connected and hold government accountable.” [Read more…]