Asus Transformer Prime Tablet Introduces First Quad-Core Android Tablet

Asus Transformer Prime

Asus Transformer Prime

When it comes to tablet based devices these days most manufacturers have scrapped the bottle of the barrel in terms of processing power, however Asus hopes to change that fact with their newly announced Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime, the first Google Android based tablet to feature a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 chip.

Teased to consumers in October the $499 (32GB) and $599 (64GB) models will arrive this December and they promise to pack quite the punch.

Aside from the quad-core processor setup the Transformer Prime also offers an 8-megapixel rear facing camera with LED flash (upgraded from 5-megapixels on the older model) while coming in at a relatively small .33 inches thick and 1.29 pounds. The tablets 10.1″ Super IPS+, 1280×800 display that houses the camera lens also comes equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack for easy compatible headset listening while the system is powered on 1GB of LP DDR2 memory. [Read more…]

Generation Y Says Facebook Access At Work Trumps Salary

Generation Y Facebook

Generation Y FacebookThe 20-something generation is willing to take a lower paying position if they are granted more access to Facebook, other social media outlets and mobility.

In a recent Cisco report 1,400 young professionals aged 21-29 were asked about their job preferences and 40% of students along with 45% of young employees said they would take a pay cut or accept a lower paying job if they were granted access to social media and provided with a position in which technological devices are being used.

According to CBS News 56% of college students would turn down a job outright if the company blocked social media. The study also found that 68% of young workers believe they should be able to sign into personal social media accounts from their work related devices including computers, tablets and Smartphones.  [Read more…]

LinkedIn User Base Grows By 60% In 2011


LinkedInSharing their second ever earnings statement as a publicly traded company LinkedIn revealed on Tuesday that the company has witnessed 60% user growth in 2011.

The company also revealed that more of their increased user base comes from unique visitors, an important metric for advertising purposes while their revenue has doubled.

LinkedIn also announced that 51% of their quarterly revenue was helped along by their Hiring Solutions which makes perfect sense during a down economy.

In the coming months LinkedIn hopes to expound upon their success with new applications including the Apply Through LinkedIn applications while targeting newly graduated students thanks to the recently launched Classmates tool.  [Read more…]

BlogSearchEngine Revamps Offerings, Provides More Ways To Get Listed

Promote Your Blog

Promote Your BlogWhen BlogSearchEngine original launched in June 2003 there was one option, have you’re blog reviewed and listed for $14.99. Over the years the vast number of blogs to be listed on the site and the constant updates to the platform have taken BSE to a PR6 listening while the number of categories available has grown exponentially.

It’s with the sites growth that BlogSearchEngine has decided to expand it’s offerings, now providing four different packages that includes lifetime links via several PR5 and PR6 directories along with feature banners and other “extras” that provide exposure and relevance to the blogging community.

Still offered is the sites original $14.99 blog review and listed service however users can now take advantage of a much larger scope of websites. For example the $24.99 “Silver Package” also provides links to: [Read more…]

How To Make Friends And Influence People: 6 Ways To Keep Facebook Fans


For businesses big and small, Facebook offers a great opportunity to connect with customers and build awareness.  Collecting Facebook fans through the use of the ‘Like’ button is a great way to promote all you have to offer and target potential customers with offers and news.

However studies have shown that many fans will often ‘unlike’ a brand soon after a particular promotion or offer has ended.  Other reasons why people unsubscribe like this include loss of interest in a business or product, page postings are uninteresting and a lack of postings to a brand page.  Getting the most from your social media marketing campaigns, be they on Facebook or another social network, will rely on you being able to keep fans and attract new ones.

Of course it can be difficult to predict the buying behaviour of individuals, marketing tends to rely on demographics to target certain markets and consumers.  And whilst not all promotions or offers you run will interest everyone, keeping your fans interested enough to stay with you will rely on you doing a little homework first. [Read more…]

Google+ Adds +1 Sharing For Photos [User Requested Feature]

Google Plus 1 Photo Shares

Google Plus ButtonGoogle+ users who want to share a photo from a friends account no longer need to share an entire Google+ post thanks to a new feature that rolled out on Thursday.

According to Vincent Mo, Google+ Photos engineering lead users can now click on any image found on a Google+ post at which point they are offered the option to share the photo with the +1 button.

The new feature is located right next to the “Tag people” and “Share” options making it simple and effective to use.

Google points out that iPhone app users can already take advantage of the new features while the Android and mobile site versions will be launched in the near future. [Read more…]

Justin Timberlake To Staff Office For Myspace Revival Attempt

Justin Timberlake

Justin TimberlakeSinger and Actor Justin Timberlake plans to open an office and staff it with six people who he hopes will help him revive Myspace from the throws of oblivon.

In June Specific Media purchased an ownership stake  in the company led by brothers Chris, Tim and Russell Vanderhook and now we have learned that Timberlake is expected to play a big role in the sites revival.

Company CEO Tim Vanderhook made the announced that Timberlake would hold an office at the company and TechCrunch has reported that  “Timberlake will play a ‘major role’ in strategy and creative direction for the beleaguered social network. The release makes no mention of exactly how much of a stake the pop star will have.” [Read more…]

Twitter Releases Collection Of Best “Twitter Stories”

Twitter Stories

Twitter StoriesTwitter on Tuesday released a collection of Twitter stories that are meant to show the “humanity behind Tweets that make the world smaller.”

Located at there are currently nearly 20 short vignettes that range from 100 to 150 words on average and showcase what users can do with just a few snippets of 140-character postings.

Among the top stories is Roger Ebert who used the service after he lost his voice, while another person received a kidney after tweeting “sh*t, I need a kidney.”

In another story a man tweeted and saved his mom’s bookstore from closing down forever. [Read more…]

Social Media Used For Good Causes

Social media is now the main tool for the vast majority of charities and good causes for getting their message out, raising awareness and funds. All of the top 200 Forbes listed charities use at least one of the main social media platforms for their fund raising campaigns.

Tweetathon, Tweetsgiving and Twestival have all used the social media tool Twitter with great success for their charity drives.

[Read more…]