Twitter Faces 90-Minute Outage, Tells Everyone To Chill Out

Twitter Down

Twitter Down

Twitter users were hit with a 90 minute outage on Saturday morning (New Year’s Eve 2011) that appeared to affect most, if not all of the company’s user base.

Shortly after recovering and allowing access the site them briefly went down a second time with a graphic claiming the site was “over capacity” something that might have occurred when millions of Tweeters began accessing their accounts and sending out Tweets that the site was back up.

After a while of ups and down the site once again began normal operation.

Most accounts place the outage from 10 a.m. ET to approximately 11:20 a.m. ET. [Read more…]

Nike Finally Joins The Twitterverse, Tweets Out An Instagram Photo



Twitter on Friday received a long awaited brand endorsement when athletic apparel and equipment maker Nike finally joined the social network with the account @Nike.

At the time of this post Nike has managed to amass 19,395 followers during the accounts first day in existence.

Almost immediately following the Twitter accounts release major athletes began following the brand including Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong and Steve Nash among others.

The move to Twitter shows Nike’s dominance over the market after the company managed to rack up more followers than Adidas in less than a 24 hour period. [Read more…]

Ben Breedlove Silent YouTube Video Goes Viral After Sudden Death

Ben Breedlove

Ben Breedlove

Eighteen-year-old Ben Breedlove fought a serious heart condition all of his life, a condition that took his life on Christmas Day but not before he posted a two-part video on YouTube in which he describes his ordeal silently through cue cards.

The video went viral when the rapper Kid Cudi found out that Breedlove claimed to once see him in a near-death experience. Here’s what Cudi had to say: [Read more…]

InstaBG Brings Instagram Backgrounds To Twitter Profiles

Twitter Background for InstaGram

InstaBG for Twitter

Instagram has become a photo sharing sensation, allowing users to organize their photos and share them across a vast mobile network, now thanks to the website users can share their own photos and the photos of other publicly available albums with a simple and sleek interface that auto updates daily and offers plenty of customization.

The program couldn’t possibly be any easier to use, once a user clicks on “Sign in with Twitter Account” they are asked to verify their Twitter credentials and approve the application for use.

Next a screen displays that shows users a list of options they can choose from: [Read more…]

Groupon Acquisition Targets Campfire Labs, Could Lead To Small Business Division

Groupon Logo - G

Groupon Logo - GGroupon on Wednesday announced the acquisition of Campfire Labs, a company that has yet to launch but showed promise thanks to a line of social shopping enhancement services. It’s believed Groupon will use the company to better their merchant, customer and customers friends communication while possibly helping the social buying company expand into small business participation.

The social buying company has been on a purchasing tear, they recently purchased OpenCal and used that technology to create the Groupon Scheduler product. Using the Groupon scheduler buyers can purchased a Groupon then go right in and schedule an appointment if one is needed for the purchase.

By offering better service and the ability to schedule locally Groupon could find themselves in a position to offer better, more accurate and real-time service to local merchants and merchants in smaller markets which have been ignored because of size and customer service related inefficiencies.  [Read more…]

Occupy Wall Street Organizers To Build Social Protesting Network

Wall Street Sign

Wall Street Sign

If there’s one thing that will come out of the Occupy Wall Street it’s a new movement towards social media protesting and to serve that purpose organizers of the Occupy Wall Street movement are building a social network that focuses specifically on protests.

Speaking to Wired developer Ed Knutson said:

“We don’t want to trust Facebook with private messages among activists.”

The idea stems from a November issue of RoarMag in which it’s stated:

“In addition to the local squares, we now need a global square where people of all nations can come together as equals to participate in the coordination of collective actions and the formulation of common goals and aspirations. For this reason, we call upon the revolutionary whizkids of the world to unite and assist in the development of a new online platform – The Global Square – that combines the communicative functions of the existing social networks with the political functions of the assemblies to provide crucial new tools for the development of our global movement.”

Visitors to the website will find plenty of helpful tools including an interactive map of protests around the world, a search option to find movements in your area, a Facebook type news feed, debate forums, a space for collaboration efforts, messaging and more. Basically the site will act like Facebook without the games (perhaps an OWS game?). [Read more…]

Russian Network Vkontakte Asked To Remove 500 Pirated Movies


VkontakteRussia’s largest social network Vokntakte has been asked by a group of Russian producers to remove upwards of 500 illegally uploaded movies.

In a letter sent from the association of Russian producers the site was asked to pull a list of films while legal action was threatened if the quickly growing social network did not comply with the request.

This isn’t the first time Vkontakte has been placed in a similar position and various other Russian social networks have also been a major and increasing source of pirated movies.

Vkontakte has also recently been added to the RIAA list of illegal music services, a network they say has caused a “significant loss” of profits for American artists. [Read more…]

‘Facebook’ Is Most Searched Term Of 2011

Facebook Logo Highlighted

Facebook Logo Highlighted

With more than 800 million people logging into a Facebook account at least one time each month it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Facebook was the top searched term of 2011.

According to Experian Hitwise this is the third year in a row Facebook has topped the most search list as the company accounts for 3.1% of all searches, a 46% increase over 2010 numbers.

That search percentage jumps to 3.48 percent if you include variations on the search such as, Facebook Login and among others.

In face those terms mentions above appear in the top 10 search terms right alongside the likes of YouTube, Craigslist and Yahoo.

Here are the top 10 searches of 2011: [Read more…]

Does Your Blog Have to Be Cheesy to Be Popular?


As someone who is somewhat new to the world of blogging, I found myself questioning many of the great blog posts. I assume that the blog community deems an article “great” when it gets more than 50 tweets or a lot of LinkedIn shares. The articles had great information, but there was one thing I couldn’t get past—the cheese. The majority of these articles had a long introduction that was cheesy and then a conclusion that summed up the cheesy metaphor. While some articles were clever and creative, I found the majority to be cheesy.

I continued to write my own blog posts and as time went on, I found that I was beginning to sound cheesy. I wanted something original, so I would force some extended metaphor onto the article. It started to seem as though this type of language was the mark of a good blog, so I began to adopt this tone. This led me to wonder: Have all the other bloggers done the same? Does anyone really like a cheesy sounding blog post, or is that just expected?

I decided to weigh the pros and the cons of the issue to see if the annoyance is actually beneficial:

[Read more…]

Britney Spears First Google+ User To Reach One Million Circles

Britney Spears Google Plus Page

Britney Spears Google Plus Page

Britney Spears on Friday became the first Google+ celebrity to officially surpass the one million circles milestone.

The find, made by The Next Web also reveals that Spears is the most followed person on Google+

Based on current numbers and the time since her page went live she’s literally receiving thousands of new followers every single hour of the day.

While Britney has the most fans on the service his content is hardly the type of marketing genius we would have hoped to find from a leading Google+ user. For example here’s her most recent Google+ update:  [Read more…]