Groupon Acquisition Targets Campfire Labs, Could Lead To Small Business Division

Groupon Logo - GGroupon on Wednesday announced the acquisition of Campfire Labs, a company that has yet to launch but showed promise thanks to a line of social shopping enhancement services. It’s believed Groupon will use the company to better their merchant, customer and customers friends communication while possibly helping the social buying company expand into small business participation.

The social buying company has been on a purchasing tear, they recently purchased OpenCal and used that technology to create the Groupon Scheduler product. Using the Groupon scheduler buyers can purchased a Groupon then go right in and schedule an appointment if one is needed for the purchase.

By offering better service and the ability to schedule locally Groupon could find themselves in a position to offer better, more accurate and real-time service to local merchants and merchants in smaller markets which have been ignored because of size and customer service related inefficiencies. 

Groupon’s communications director Julie Mossler said Campfire is already doing work for the deal site and that the company is “thrilled to have them aboard” going into the New Year.

At this time exactly what the company will provide for Groupon is not known but any way Groupon can reach a broader audience without incredibly high acquisition costs would be a welcomed change for the company.


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