Twitter Faces 90-Minute Outage, Tells Everyone To Chill Out

Twitter Down

Twitter users were hit with a 90 minute outage on Saturday morning (New Year’s Eve 2011) that appeared to affect most, if not all of the company’s user base.

Shortly after recovering and allowing access the site them briefly went down a second time with a graphic claiming the site was “over capacity” something that might have occurred when millions of Tweeters began accessing their accounts and sending out Tweets that the site was back up.

After a while of ups and down the site once again began normal operation.

Most accounts place the outage from 10 a.m. ET to approximately 11:20 a.m. ET.

Realizing the site was down the graphic pictured above showed up nearly an hour into the outage, at least the fine folks at Twitter were able to have a bit of fun about the issue.

In a response Twitter said they were:

“Recovering now. It was inaccessible for some users. You can always check for info and updates.”

If the site appears to still not be working for your account you can visit Down Right Now to see if it’s just your computer or if it’s down for everyone.


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