Facebook To Display “Premium” Ads As Users Log out

Coca Cola Brand Page for Premium Ad

Facebook Premium Ad Logged OutEach day nearly 37 million Facebook users click on the “Log Out” option of their account and now Facebook has announced plans to capitalize on those log out requests.

The company revealed on Wednesday that starting in April when a user clicks “Log Out” they will be served with “Log-Out” ads or “Stories.”

According to Mike Hoefflinger, director of customer marketing at Facebook nearly 37 million people log out of Facebook each day.

Listed as one of four new “Premium” ad spots during the Facebook Marketing Conference in New York the premise behind the new spots is to shift ads to brand Pages that don’t look like traditional ads but are instead based on status updates, questions and videos that are generally more interactive for users.  [Read more…]

New York Times Launches “Lively Morgue” Tumblr Account, Posts Archival Footage

Lively Morgue Photos Tumblr for New York Times

Lively Morgue Photos Tumblr for New York TimesTumblr is more than a blog platform, in many cases it’s a beautiful way to visually represent a persons feelings and messages. It’s for that reason that many company’s have launched visual representations of their products through Tumblr and now the New York Times has joined in with “The Lively Morgue.”

Following in the tradition of Tumblr’s top blogs The Lively Morgue takes a unique approach to New York Times content, focusing not on news of the day but the history of the NYT through beautifully shot historical pictures that have been kept in pristine condition inside the New York Times newsroom archive known as “the morgue.”

The New York Times has been publishing archival photographs every day, publishing 17 collections to date via the New York Times however this is the first time the company has created a website dedicated solely to those photos.

While the New York Times has published quite a few photos they note: [Read more…]

LinkedIn Launches “Follow Company” Button

LinkedIn Follow Company Button

LinkedIn Follow Company ButtonBusiness owners looking to take further advantage of the LinkedIn platform can now add a “follow company” button to their website, allowing users to take advantage of one-click following capabilities.

Announced on LinkedIn’s blog on Monday the button works much in the same way as the Facebook and Twitter follow buttons, allowing users to receive automatic updates from within their LinkedIn feeds.

So far the follow button has been placed on pages for AT&T, American Express and Starbucks and several other top brands. Users will be able to simply click the button if already logged in at which point they will follow the brand. Non-logged in users will be asked to first provide their LinkedIn information. [Read more…]

Tumblr Bans Self Harm Blogs, Desposes Of “Pro-Anorexia” Sites


TumblrUber-popular blogging platform Tumblr announced on Thursday that it would remove “self-harm” promoting websites by targeting pro-anorexia blogs and other self-harm accounts that have popped up on the popular blog system.

The company’s new policy will not allow any blogging sites to promote self injury which range from anorexia and bulimia blogs to cutting and other acts of self-harm.

In the company’s official Tumblr post they clearly state that the new policy “is intended to reach only those blogs that cross the line into active promotion or glorification.” That means you can still joke about starving yourself but the moment you talk about ways to create that starvation you’ll be in trouble.

Furthering its reach Tumblr will begin shows PSAs whenever searchers on their platform look for self-harm terms such as “thinspiration,” “proana,” and “purging.” Those PSAs will feature contact information for groups that can help people looking for assistance with their self-harm issues.  [Read more…]

Twitter Co-Founder Says Staring At Tweets All Day Is Bad For Your Health

Biz Stone

Biz StoneHeavy Twitter users should walk away from their computers and other mobile devices and stop staring at tweets all day because it’s bad for you. That was essentially the message delivered by Twitter co-founder Christopher Isaac “Biz” Stone on Wednesday.

It’s not the eye strain, neck strain or other physical ailments that Biz Stone is worried about but rather the fact that people will waste their entire day constantly reading tweets.

Speaking to a business-based audience in Montreal Stone says he initially believed that Twitter would be used as a fun platform for sharing interesting articles and news about a persons day, instead it ended up turning into a social change vehicle such as the so-called Arab spring uprising which brought about pro-democracy movements in the Middle East. [Read more…]

Should You Forget the Money and Blog for Exposure?


Many people blog as a hobby. Blogging can be therapeutic, a great way to stay in touch with friends, great way to keep your memories organized, and a great way to connect with like-minded people on the Internet. For this reason, many try to make money online through blogging. There are three ways to make money as a blogger:

1. Work as a blogger for a company. The company will pay you to contribute articles to blogs across the Internet. All you need to do is incorporate a link back to the company for SEO purposes.

2. Do freelance writing/blogging. Many websites will offer payment for quality content.

3. Own and manage your own blog. By owning and managing your own blog you are setting yourself up for a platform for advertisers. However, this takes a great deal of time, money, and work to create a profitable blog.

Now starting a business and creating a profitable blog is a long and sometimes frustrating process. In other words, most bloggers begin their careers as one of those first two options. I am one of the lucky bloggers because I blog for a company who pays me full-time. No matter how many articles I get placed and no matter where they get placed, I know I’m getting paid. Unfortunately, most bloggers aren’t quite so lucky and they have to jump from blog to blog to try and find websites that will pay for content. [Read more…]

Blackberry Playbook Gets WordPress Publishing App

Wordpress Playbook Options

Wordpress for Blackberry PlayBook

Research in Motion on Wednesday not only released the BlackBerry Playbook 2.0 OS, they also revealed the new WordPress App for Playbook, a free option that can now be downloaded directly from the BlackBerry AppWorld.

Much like versions available for iPhone, Android and WP7 devices the new version of the Blackberry App allows users to write posts, edit pages they have created and even manage WordPress comments from the systems administration area.

Thanks to the larger screen users also gain access to quick photo and movie uploading, geo-tagging of posts, page creation and other popular features found on the WordPress.com and WordPress self-hosted setups.

The program is pretty much what we’ve come to expect from Blackberry WordPress apps but with a far better 1024 x 600 pixels of resolution display. [Read more…]

Twitter 2012 [Infographic]

The Current State of Twitter

465 million. That’s the staggering number of Twitter accounts there are in the world, according to the latest infographic design from Infographic Labs. The infographic takes a look at the current state of things at Twitter, which we can all agree has virtually revolutionized “microblogging”.

Other interesting facts that caught our eye: that celebrity statuses only receive 21% of retweets (“interesting content” leads with 92%), and that there are 11 Twitter accounts created every second. [Read more…]

Google Latitude Leaderboard Added Into The Mix, It’s Pretty Much Just Like Foursquare

Google Latitude


Google LatitudeSince Google launched Google+ the company has quickly attempted to piggyback on the social networks success by rolling out new ways to use social media information. Recently Google began sharing Google+ posts in search results and now it’s using Leaderboard to compete with Foursquare, a leaderboard feature that implements Google+ data to rank users.

If you’re unfamiliar with Google’s Leaderboard it’s a program that rolled out last week for the Google Maps platform and allows users to earn points by checking into locations via Google Latitude.

The program has rolled out for Android devices with an iPhone version sure to follow in the future.

Google hasn’t officially announced the program as a Foursquare competitor, in fact the company didn’t even list Leaderboard feature when adding it to the new version of Android Google Maps, instead focusing on minor bug fixes including “improved battery performance for Latitude and Location History users.”

Google has also not yet provided all users with the most recent version of Leaderboard equipped Google Maps and the program only works for select users once they have checked into a location using Google Latitude.

Using the program Maps users can share their location as they have been able to do for the last year using Google’s Latitude app. Once checked in the user earns points and they are then shows the Leaderboard page which ranks them against their Google+ friends.

We’re sure even more features will be added once the program is fully released to all Google Maps users for Android.

Would you switch from Foursquare to Google Latitude Leaderboard if the programs end up being similar or will you just check in with two location based services?

Here’s a look at Google’s new Leaderboard feature:





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As a business owner do you understand all this technological terminology? Do you know what SEO stands for or what copywriters do? Do you understand the importance of SEO copywriters when it comes to promoting your business online?

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