Celebrating The History Of Social Media Through Video

Social Media Around The World

Social Media Around The World

In the last decade social networking has not only become a buzz word but a way of life for nearly one billion users around the world. Website users use social media to engage their audience, family use it to stay connected and other users engage in their own personal ways.

While the Grovo created video might not provide eye opening facts for those of us who spend a majority of our time online it’s a great way to engage family members and friends who just don’t get this “whole social media thing.”

The most interesting part of the video might just be to watch the internet unfold from bulletin board interactions to Geocities to blogging platforms such as WordPress to today’s top social networking sites including Twitter, LinkedIn and of course Facebook.

Sure social networking in one way or another has been around for years but many of us may have forgotten how far we’ve come since social media became such a big avenue of our lives half a decade ago.

Here’s the social media history video:

It’s funny how we’ve went from historical “posting” to “posting” online today, it reminds me that what we do now is faster and more effective but still rooted in our communication from the past.


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