Clark College Offering WordPress Development Classes


WordpressWordPress over the last decade has become the largest website development platform in the world. In fact this site is based off WordPress, more than 20 sites I own are based off WordPress and even large scale media empires have used the program to manage and operate their blog platforms.

It’s for that reason that Bob Hughes, the head of Clark College’s computer technology department has launched several temporary courses centered around learning WordPress.

The “Introduction to WordPress” class gives students the opportunity to learn about WordPress coding from WordPress pioneer Lorelle VanFossen.

The course must be vetted by both college and state administrators before it becomes a regular part of the schools curriculum, in the meantime Hughes calls it a “test balloon” while adding, “we’ll see how we can sculpt it into an academic offering.”

In the meantime while I applaud Clark College for realizing the importance of content management system design and implementation, the truth is the WordPress Codex is more then capable of teaching even a non-programmer how to fully work with a barebones framework to create vastly interesting WordPress pages without paying by the credit hour.

Do you think a WordPress class is a good idea or would you rather learn from the codex?



  1. says

    Certainly wordpress is the most popular online platform for websites managing. It has a lot of applications that do not require programming knowledge, is intuitive a easy to install. This college initiative is praiseworthy, students will appreciate it in the future. Regards

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