Groupon VIP Gives Better Options To Buyers For $30 Per Year

Groupon Social Buying Website

Groupon Social Buying WebsiteGroupon is currently testing a new “Groupon VIP” program that gives users first dibs on deals and reservations while offering special pricing on select old-out and expired deals for just $30 per year.

The idea comes about from sites such as Ideeli which offers first dibs on designer clothes that would normally fly off the shelve in a retail setting. Flash sales have become a big deal on the internet and this new move by Groupon takes direct advantage of flash sales on a potentially large scale.

The service will also provide in-store credit for unused Groupon’s in some cases which we assume will need prior approval from the seller. It’s estimated that 20 percent of Groupons go unused at this time.

The program should also let Groupon compete with the likes of Living Social and Google Offers which allow merchants to keep a greater percentage of the profits while giving customers the chance to comparison shop before making a purchase.  [Read more…]

WordPress Getting BlackBerry v1.6 Upgrade In ‘Near Future’

Wordpress for Blackberry

Wordpress for BlackberryBlackberry mobile apps don’t always get much update love, that’s why news of a BlackBerry v1.6 upgrade for WordPress should come as a welcomed surprise for Blackberry toting WordPress users.

While the new application update is being called a “Refresh” release  it does bring some much needed improvements to Blackberry OS 6 & 7 operating systems.

Among improvements are better capabilities for the following options:

  • Option/setting for # of comments to download
  • Infinite scrolling on posts/pages/comments
  • Add Images Alignment options
  • Integrate the Reader
  • Add the ability to make a post sticky [Read more…]

Clark College Offering WordPress Development Classes


WordpressWordPress over the last decade has become the largest website development platform in the world. In fact this site is based off WordPress, more than 20 sites I own are based off WordPress and even large scale media empires have used the program to manage and operate their blog platforms.

It’s for that reason that Bob Hughes, the head of Clark College’s computer technology department has launched several temporary courses centered around learning WordPress.

The “Introduction to WordPress” class gives students the opportunity to learn about WordPress coding from WordPress pioneer Lorelle VanFossen.

The course must be vetted by both college and state administrators before it becomes a regular part of the schools curriculum, in the meantime Hughes calls it a “test balloon” while adding, “we’ll see how we can sculpt it into an academic offering.” [Read more…]

Pinterest Plays To Different Audiences In The U.S. And UK [Infographic]

Pinterest Logo

Pinterest LogoPinterest has become a huge success in the United States in recent months as more than 12 million users have jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon and begun sharing articles from their favorite site. In the United Kingdom the site has also began to receive a bit of traction with 200,000 users now using the social sharing network.

While both the U.S. and U.K. have successfully implemented Pinterest into the daily lives of citizens the type of items being shared and the demographic of people using the site are vastly different.

The team at compiled data about the site from both countries and have determined some interesting facts. For example while the U.S. Pinterest demographic is make up mostly of women, a majority of users in the UK are men.

Compiled data has also revealed that the type of content is vastly different, while US users tend to share arts, crafts, funny stories, etc. UK users focus on venture capital, blogging, SEO and marketing.  [Read more…]

Celebrating The History Of Social Media Through Video

Social Media Around The World

Social Media Around The World

In the last decade social networking has not only become a buzz word but a way of life for nearly one billion users around the world. Website users use social media to engage their audience, family use it to stay connected and other users engage in their own personal ways.

While the Grovo created video might not provide eye opening facts for those of us who spend a majority of our time online it’s a great way to engage family members and friends who just don’t get this “whole social media thing.”

The most interesting part of the video might just be to watch the internet unfold from bulletin board interactions to Geocities to blogging platforms such as WordPress to today’s top social networking sites including Twitter, LinkedIn and of course Facebook. [Read more…]

Before You Lash Out At Someone On Your Blog, Read This

Regardless of how fair and neutral you are about anything, there is always going to be someone who doesn’t like you, for any number of reasons. In the Internet era, blogs and social media have become virtual soap boxes for people to vent their frustration on. Just from being around people who blog, and from my own experiences, I’ve learned a few lessons that I want to share with you. [Read more…]

3 Things That Some News Bloggers Never Learned In Journalism School

Breaking News

Breaking NewsThere is a reason why journalists must study journalism before any serious news outlet even considers hiring them. That is because journalism involves more than simply observing and reporting in your own words. However, there are bloggers abound who operate news blogs, or write news blog posts, that never studied journalism and it shows. It may seem harmless, but humans have a nasty habit of believing anything they read at face value. This includes news blogs. These same readers then regurgitate what they’ve read on their own blogs, and the snowball effect gets under way. These bloggers would benefit from learning the following things that every journalist already knows:

Fact Checking

This is of prime importance. To avoid perpetuating false information, you must make sure that you have the facts 100% accurate or at the very least mention that your information was of the “to the best of my knowledge” type. In the newspaper industry, multiple people check and re-check all the factual information in a reporter’s story before printing it. Of course, many bloggers don’t have the luxury of an office staff, but a good substitute would be to check at least 2 independent sources.

News is News, Opinion is Opinion

If you are writing a news piece, you should remain as objective as possible throughout. The intended purpose of news is to offer the reader the facts, so they can then decide for themselves how they feel about it. Stick to the facts, don’t embellish, or sensationalize anything; that is the hallmark of a good news writer and blogger.

Strive for Balance

Even if you just report the facts, be sure to get facts from both sides of the issue whenever possible. Without intending to do so, you could influence the reader’s opinion by omitting the facts from the other side of the equation. For instance, has there ever been a time where you were bombarded with news about a particular issue and formed a strong opinion just from what you’ve read, but then later on heard new information that made you go “Wait a minute! I didn’t know that, this changes the whole issue”? So, just by reporting one side (even though all of it was factual) of the issue, the writer persuaded you by just omitting facts from the opposing view. Good news writers and bloggers don’t do that.

These 3 core concepts are the foundation of every good news writer and blogger. Just because you didn’t study journalism, if you write any kind of news then you are essentially a journalist. Hold yourself to the same standards, and you will be noticed for it.

Instagram Co-Founders Girlfriend Announces Lovestagram Application For Valentine’s Day

Instagram Valentines Day

Instagram Valentines Day

While many of us purchase Valentine’s day cards for our significant others and perhaps a nice bouquet of flowers Kaitlyn Trigger decided to give her boyfriend a much bigger and involved present, a brand new photo sharing platform.

Kaitlyn’s Lovestagram program is so thoughtful because her boyfriend is Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger and it’s his platform she chose to use when creating Lovestagram.

The program is essentially an interactive Valentine’s card maker that implements the Instagram API to create Valentine’s Day cards.

The program works by creating a slideshow of all Instagram photos you share with your special someone by using mutual username tags, photos you took in the same location within one hour of each other and photos where comments have been exchanged.  [Read more…]

Tumblr Hires Emerging Fashion Bloggers To Cover New York Fashion Week

Tumblr Fashion Bloggers

Tumblr Fashion Bloggers

Tumblr has actively been attempting to showcase the networks talents lately, ast week the company hired two veteran journalists to cover the sites best content and now they have hired several emerging fashion bloggers to kick off New York Fashion Week.

Tumblr on Wednesday announced on its staff blog that they have partnered with Milk Studios, a photography and studio conglomerate who will take a team of five “local emerging voices in fashion from Tumblr to cover the events” to cover the events.

Readers of the massive blog network can find information using the NYFW tag or they can follow these five bloggers: AlexBryantChloeLucie and Miguel

News of this type of “intimate” interaction was a smart move for Tumblr after BetaBeat in September broke news of the company’s attempt to monetize New York Fashion Week by selling premium ads to willing brands. BetaBeat wrote at the time: [Read more…]