LinkedIn Is Huge…In India

LinkedIn Huge In India

LinkedIn Huge In IndiaLinkedIn isn’t just a big publicly traded social network in the United States, it’s one of the fastest growing internet company’s in India, growing by more than 300% in the last three years.

According to recent numbers from company CEO Jeff Weiner, 14 million people in India use LinkedIn with the company excited to target the more than 300 million young people who live in the country in the coming months and years ahead.

Speaking at LinkedIn’s B2B conference in Mumbai Weiner told the audience that he wants big firms in India to adapt to LinkedIn’s platform in order to find new workers in a country where the tech boom has benefited many of the countries tech savvy workers, especially the regions younger generations. [Read more…]

How Instagram got to $1 Billion [Infographic]

Instagram's Meteoric Rise

It’s not every day that a mobile app is acquired by a social media giant for a cool one billion dollars- which explains why Instagram’s acquisition by Facebook was one of the hottest topics a few weeks ago. Infographic Labs, which previously created an infographic on the Rise of Instagram, tracks Instagram’s journey to $1 billion with this infographic design:
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Pinterest Interest Skyrockets, Soars Over 2.3 Billion Pageviews [Infographic]

Pinterest Logo

Pinterest LogoPinterest is still in closed beta but that hasn’t stopped the relatively new social network from racking up 4 million unique visitors a day with 2.3 billion pageviews.

In celebration of the new social network darlings achioevements the team at Tamba has created an infographic that highlights the increased amount of interested in the Pinterest system.

Launched 25 short months ago Pinterest has grown to include full-on Twitter and Facebook integration while providing 250,000 iPhone users with the Pinterest app for mobile browsing. The team at Pinterest has also managed to add a dedicated following to its system where users spend an average of 14.2 minutes browsing the visually stunning social link sharing network.

Throw in more referrals than the more popular Twitter and Facebook social network systems and its easy to see why this network has become a “business darling” in recent months.

Here’s the “Interest in Pinterest” infographic: [Read more…]

Sports And Social Media, A Changing Landscape Of Fanatical Fans [Infographic]

Sports and Social media

Social Media SportsThe landscape for major league sports is changing, not in board rooms and locker rooms but rather online. As social media has become more prevalent players are taking to social media networks like Facebook and Twitter in droves and their fans are following right around, creating a fast acting, viral system of support and camaraderie for athletes in various sports.

In celebration of sports new found home a top social media networks the sports medicine company KT Tape has created an awesome infographic that shows how social media has changed the sports we watch and the players we idolize.

Exactly how popular has sports and social media become when wrapped together? When Tim Tebow through an 80-yard lob last year to move the Denver Broncos into the playoffs he broke a Twitter record with 9,000 tweets per second mentioning his name. Then there was Jeremy Lin, a relatively unknown player who’s early season play for the New York Knicks led to the term “Linsanity” and eventually 550,000 followers in a single month.

Social media in sports also isn’t just leveraged in the United States, soccer players Kaka and Ronaldo have become the most followed athletes on Twitter.  [Read more…]

Should a Blogger Pay To Post Content on a Website?


As a full-time guest blogger, I sometimes feel like I’ve seen it all—fake names, odd responses, rude comments, the absent-minded who forgot who I was—but the majority are, of course, normal. However, editors asking me, the writer, to pay to put my content on their site has been a growing trend. Quite frankly, I found this a bit odd. Many websites are thrilled to have my content because they feel it is quality content, I promote the content to a new audience, and the site does not have to put in the work of creating content.

Just the other day and editor explained to me that my content could be featured on the blog for $700, and a few weeks earlier an editor wanted to charge me $250. Naturally, both blogs were very authoritative and had a list of reasons why their blog was so wonderful, but I couldn’t help but think to myself: Shouldn’t you be paying me?

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LinkedIn iPad App Brings Full Force Of Business Network To The Masses

LinkedIn iPad App Updates

LinkedIn iPad App UpdatesSocial network LinkedIn on Friday rolled out a new iPad app which provides LinkedIn users with the ability to take advantage of the new iPad’s “retina display” while accessing most major functions found on the company’s website.

Currently serving more than 150 million users per month users formerly had to download the iPhone version of the program to gain mobile access, an option that was not optimized for iPad use.

Once installed users will notice the “in” button in the top left corner which will guide them through a simple and effective tutorial which explains the new iPad based application, allows users to filter through updates and much more.

The biggest upgrade to the company’s mobile strategy is likely the addition of more activity in the users home stream. The new app includes LinkedIn news, Dow Jones monitory, a calendar box that pulls from your Apple calendar and more. [Read more…]

Facebook Offering Free Anti-Virus Trails, Blacklists Bad URLs

Facebook Security

Facebook SecurityFacebook is attempting to make its community safer for 901 million active users and to reach that goal the company announced on Wednesday that it would block malicious URLs, spam messages, phishing attempts and viruses. The company also announced that it has partnered with various virus protection firms including Microsoft, McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos, and Symantec.

In a blog post Facebook writers:

“Our URL blacklist system, which scans trillions of clicks per day, will now incorporate the malicious URL databases from these security companies to augment our existing level of protection. So whenever you click a link on our site, you benefit not just from Facebook’s existing protections, but the ongoing vigilance of the world’s leading corporations involved in computer security.”

If that isn’t enough information to get you excited about Facebook’s ongoing efforts to protect users the company also announced the AV Marketplace where users can download free six-month license agreements for full versions of the company’s virus partner software. [Read more…]

Zynga Made Up 15% Of Facebook Revenue In Q1 2012

Zynga Facebook Revenue Earnings Q1 2012

Zynga Facebook Revenue Earnings Q1 2012Facebook’s reliance on social gaming company Zynga to drive in massive revenue for the company has actually decreased since 2011 with the company reporting that the social gaming platform made up just 15% of Facebook’s revenue in Q1 2012 compared to 19% in 2011.

Facebook receives 30% of the revenue Zynga draws from the social network by requiring that Zynga use Facebook credits to power its in-app purchasing system. While Zynga created and recently launched the site as an alternative destination for social gamers who do not necessarily want to log into their Facebook accounts, the company continues to use Facebook credits to power that site and users scores are still published through accounts.

The social network also earns money from Zynga as the company uses to market its products to customers. In 2011 Facebook collected 12% of its revenue from Zynga advertisements while Q1 2012 has watched that number fall to 11%. A partial drop in that number comes from the fact that Facebook received only 4% revenue from advertisers spots displayed on Zynga apps, down from 7% in 2011.  [Read more…]

Google+ Status Updates With SMS, Now Available in Africa, Middle East And Some Asian Countries

Google Plus SMS Updates

Google Plus SMS UpdatesIn some parts of the world mobile data networks, wi-fi and other basic internet connections are not readily available, even when carrier towers are within reach, it is for that reason that the Google India Blog announced on Monday that users in various parts  of the world can now begin updating their Google+ status using SMS (text messaging).

When the Google+ SMS service was first announced it was only available in the US and India starting in July 2011, the new update however brings the feature to 41 new countries including:

Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Bahrain, Benin, Cambodia, Cameroon, Congo (DRC), Cote D’Ivoire, Egypt, Ghana, Guinea, Indonesia, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Malawi, Malaysia, Maldives, Morocco, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, Tunisia, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Zambia.

Using the Google+ SMS status update service couldn’t be any easier, simply go to your Google+ settings page and activate your phone for use on the network. Once you have entered your number you can then begin posting updates and you will receive comments for those updates via SMS text messages.  [Read more…]

BranchOut Facebook App Reaches 25 Million Users, Raises $25 Million [Infographic]

BranchOut Reaches 25 Million Users

BranchOut Reaches 25 Million UsersFacebook professional growth app BranchOut has caught on with Facebook users at a rate of 3 new users per second and now in celebration of the company’s 25 million users milestone the company has released an official infographic that celebrates BranchOut’s growth and its recent $25 million in Series C financing ($49 million to date).

In the infographic some interesting numbers are shared, for example BranchOut took just 16 months to reach 25 million users whereas LinkedIn took 65 months to reach that same level of service. BranchOut also points out that it is more apt to grab a more broad audience including “new college graduates, retail workers, nurses, software engineers and military veterans re-entering the workforce.”

The graphic also shows how reliant the company is on Facebook, using the social network to attract 55% of its user base. The company also shows its global reach with 40% of users in the United States and 60% located at international areas all over the world.

Here’s the official BranchOut infographic: [Read more…]