Pepsi’s New Campaign Gives Away Song Downloads Via Twitter

Pepsi on Twitter

Pepsi on TwitterPepsi and Twitter have signed a year-long partnership that will watch as Pepsi curates and gives away free song downloads to followers of its brand via the social network.

Pepsi has branded the event the “Live for Now Music” initiative which is part of the company’s “Live for Now” campaign which features cans barring a silhouette of Michael Jackson.

Through the Twitter campaign Pepsi will offer free music downloads, music videos and pop-up concerts that will occur throughout the summer and fall.

Every Wednesday Pepsi will then use the Twitter platform to present an overview of artists, music and music news trending.

Music downloads through @pepsi will be taken care of through the Amazon MP3 store and followers can check out announcements using #PepsiMusicNOW and that hashtag will be used for communication with the campaign.  [Read more…]

Choosing a Web Hosting Company: Five Things You Shouldn’t Let Pass You By

You know first-hand that managing a business is not easy. Fortunately there are ways to help while still keeping your business up and running—one of the biggest being web hosting. The way web hosting works is this: A web host stores all the pages of your company website onto one machine so that you have the space to store all of the videos and pictures you have displayed on your website. In other words, virtual hosting allows companies to put all of their data on a server that isn’t in the office building. According to Gary Eisenstein, author of In-House vs. Outsourcing Web Hosting, those who choose web hosting services can expect a 25 to 85 percent cost savings over in-house solutions. The chart below explains why web hosting is more attractive than an in-house server to business owners:


Web Hosting


In-House Hosting


  • Web hosts often have backup servers and service representatives in case something goes wrong

  • Only one single connection. If this connection goes down, your office email goes with it



  • You will not need an IT specialist in your office to work with the server. Web hosting takes care of this for you, adding extra security



  • IT staff will likely have access to everyone’s email, so you have to be able to trust them



  • Most sites automatically upgrade for you with no work on the part of the owner or manager



  • Needs constant upgrading


  • Services usually only cost about $4.00 to $12.00 per month

  • Equipment alone for a small to medium-sized business is about $10,000, not to mention hiring an IT specialist


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Facebook To Acquire For “Tens Of Millions”

Facebook acquiring Face Dot Com

Facebook acquiring Face Dot Com

Facebook raised billions of dollars during its initial public offering and now the social network is preparing to spend some of the money it raised during its IPO, focusing its efforts on Israeli owned facial recognition company

The report was published by Calcalist, which has leaked other acquisitions for a number of Israeli companies in the past. The publican claims that stands to earn “tens of millions of dollars” from Facebook. technology already powers two photo apps on Facebook’s platform, the Photo Finder and Photo Tagger and currently offers an API which was updated in March to enable third-party apps that estimates ages and moods of people in photos.

By acquiring Facebook could own the company’s algorithms and API, potentially closing off the program to third party developers and advancing Facebook photo options beyond its competitors. [Read more…]

5 Cheap Payment Processors to Help You Take Credit Card Payments

credit cards

Business owners can expand their horizons by accepting credit cards. Credit cards may be accepted in a store front or on a website or blog. Many blogs charge companies to place a link (even if it’s within the copy) on the blog, and other blogs simply need to accept payments for services they provide. Here are five cheap payment processors for in-store payment processing and online payment processing curated by some of my favorite folks at, a UK based website designed to provide help in choosing a card based on your personal circumstances.

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Facebook Smartphone Coming In 2013 [Report]

Facebook Smartphone

Facebook SmartphoneFacebook hasn’t had the best luck with mobile advertising attempts and now it appears the company may be hedging its mobile bets on a new Facebook smartphone that could be released by early 2013.

According to a recent report the smartphone would be Facebook’s third attempt at creating a viable consumer smartphone that deeply integrates the social networks platform.

Rumors about a Facebook smartphone began in 2010 but those sources soon revealed that “development complications” led Facebook to abandon the project. Eventually AllThingsD reported that HTC and Facebook were working on a Facebook integrated smartphone with the code name “Buffy” which may still be in the development stages.  [Read more…]

VEVO Traffic Grows 142% After Facebook Integration Added

Vevo Skyrockets Views with Facebook Integration

Vevo Skyrockets Views with Facebook IntegrationVEVO has witnessed a 142% year-over-year increase in audience registrations and the video-sharing platform is giving a good chunk of that credit to Facebook. In February 2012 VEVO relaunched its website, iPhone and Android apps with facebook integration and after that move the number of daily registrations increased by 200%.

According to VEVO by March 60 percent of its traffic was coming from timeline app stories that had been published to Facebook.

The company also uses Facebook to personalize playlists by syncing them to a users’ liked Facebook pages and iTunes libraries.

A recent study found that unlike Facebook the VEVO system typically doesn’t have a bad effect on workplace productivity since a majority of its video views are completed from 6 p.m. through midnight.

Here are a few impressive quarterly metrics shared by VEVO’s Matt Marquess: [Read more…]

Facebook Developer Platform: A Quick Look At The History Of Social App Development [Infographic]

Facebook developer History an Infographic

Facebook developer program logoFive years ago Facebook announced the Facebook Developer Platform and since it was announced at the 2007 f8 conference with 70 app developers the program has sky rocketed in use. In fact one year after it was first revealed the program already had 30,000 apps.

Adding to Facebook’s reach was the Connect platform in 2008, the first glimpse into third-party website integration for the company.

Eventually we were treated to the Facebook “Like” button, tons of games from the likes of Zynga and the Open Graph.

Fast forward to 2012 and the Facebook developer platform has created more than 182,000 American jobs with an economic value of $12.19 billion.

Throw in Facebook Timeline which is hated by many users but offers the potential for even closer app development integration and its easy to see why Facebook continues its meteoric rise, even as people complain about privacy issues and other Facebook missteps.  [Read more…]

Obama 2012: “Dashboard” App Revealed For Social Media Campaigning

President Obama Campaigning Tool

President Obama Campaigning ToolIn 2008 President Obama launched the most successful online campaign in the history of US politics and now as team Obama gears up for their 2012 re-election challenge they have announced an even more robust campaign that offers its own set of social media campaign tools.

Known as “Dashboard” the new platform offers almost everything a brick-and-mortar campaign office offers but in digital form. For example specialized tools will allow helpers to make calls to recruit other to join the team while organizing campaign events and even communicating with Obama’s leadership team. The platform can be access from desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone devices which makes grassroots campaigns more mobile than ever.

The Dashboard design is similar to Facebook’s interface and brings with it social media driven metrics reports.

Users will also be able to find Obama supporting groups to join in their area.

The Dashboard app however isn’t just for local users, the staff for Obama’s administration will be able to set specific goals for individual Obama supports while tracking their success rates. Groups will then be able to engage in and compete in a friendly competition with one another.  [Read more…]

Facebook Testing New Timeline Design, Cleans Up “Above The Fold” Output

New Facebook Timeline Layout

Facebook Timeline ChangesFacebook this week began testing a new Facebook Timeline output that cleans up the first bit of information users see when they access a users page.

Posted on Talking Points Memo on Tuesday morning the new version of Timeline features a condensed area for user details, specifically the information that shows their name, occupation, education and location. Those options now appear on top of, rather than below the cover photo.

Facebook has then taken the carousel thumbnail images that shows friends, photos, places, likes and other information and compressed them next to sit on the same level as their main page thumbnail.

Users will also notice that before the carousel images Facebook has added a “Summary” section which we assume will highlight key events inside a users Timeline. [Read more…]

Facebook Power Users. A Look Inside The Facebook Addiction [Infographic]

Facebook Power User

Facebook Power UsersFacebook “power users” are the most addicted social network users the site has to offer and they make up nearly 20-30% of the social networks user base. If you log into your account multiple times per day, leave messages on friends walls, post constant “Likes” and more you are probably a “power user.”

The team at DemandForce wanted to highlight some of a power users typical site uses and released an infographic to showcase that use.

According to the company a “power user” will “like” content up to 14 times per month and they will share at least nine status updates and contribute 21 comments during that same one month period.

Not only do Facebook power users share more content, they are invited to share more, according to the company 11% of those users are invited to join a Facebook group and 63% of those users have received friend requests in the last one month period. [Read more…]