Digg To Feature Human Editors, Large Images

Rethinking Digg From A Design Standpoint

When new Digg owner Betaworks is finished with the social sharing websites image-heavy design users will likely not recognize what they discover.

The Digg team on Monday wrote of the redesign:

“The final version is close to complete. When you visit Digg.com later this week, you’ll find a beautiful, image-friendly, and ad-free experience.”

The Digg.com stories will be chosen by editors and chose stories will be based on shares via Facebook and Twitter.

Launching with a huge face lift on August 1st after a six-week hiatus the site will feature more space for bigger stories while some articles without photos will also be featured. According to the sites staff:

“Some stories are bigger and have more impact than others; some stories are actually components of other ones. Some stories can be told with text; others are best told through images.”

The company’s goal is to make the new Digg.com look more like a news site with a large lead story and then nine to 11 off-leads that offer smaller but still significant stories.

Unlike Digg’s monumental design failure the new site is based off a Digg survey given to users right before the redesign began. That survey found that users wanted something completely different from Digg.com but also differentiated from Reddit.

Are you willing to give a new shot once the redesign is released?


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