Google “Takeout” App Now Lets Users Fuse Multiple Accounts Into One

Google Takeout For Google Plus Migration

Google Takeout For Google Plus MigrationIf you’re like me you have a Google+ account for business, one for work and possibly even a few more for websites you own or people you stalk (hopefully not this last one). Google+ engineers realize that with multiple accounts some users become frustrated by their upkeep and that’s where “Takeout” comes into play.

The new app by Google+ engineers allows users to access all of their Google+ accounts and roll them into a singular social network account. By doing so a users social connections and friend lists are transferred to the account of their choosing without any hassle.

The new platform was revealed in an official Google+ post by Ronald Ho.

The tool is very simple to use, allowing users to funnel outside accounts into their main account. Information that can be transferred includes friends, information and blocking settings. Once you have transferred everyone over to your singular account your contact will notice no difference, still seeing your information when they look you up or see your shares in social search results.

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Facebook Begins Rolling Out Timeline For Mobile Pages

Facebook For Mobile Pages

Facebook TimelineFacebook on Friday started rolling out Timeline pages for the mobile version of Facebook, four months after the company debuted the interface for

The new output was discovered by Inside Facebook but has not rolled out to all users at this time. Typically when Facebook rolls out a new feature it beta tests changes for a small subset of users then pushes the change to all of its 900+ million users over a short time period.

The new design includes the page’s cover photo, added About section information and even new icons for a page’s photos, fan base details, etc.

Mobile users will also notice a larger “Like” button that spans across the width of the screen. Pages with a “message” button however have a smaller like button.

By adding a cover photo and page descriptions to mobile output users are expected to gather a more clear understanding of what a page is about, while the larger Like button Facebook believes will lead to higher engagement rates and ultimately better mobile device revenues.  [Read more…]

Facebook Introduces Malware ‘Checkpoint’ Security, Hopes To Slow Spread Of Viruses

Facebook Security Checkpoint

Facebook Security CheckpointFacebook on Tuesday rolled out a set of new security “checkpoints” which the social network hopes will slow the massive spread of malware.

According to Facebook:

“Previously, if you suspected you may have malware installed on your device, you would either need to run anti-virus on your device or wait until Facebook identified an actionable threat. Now, with our new self-enrollment malware checkpoint, you will be able to proactively obtain your choice of a free anti-virus product to scan and clean your system.”

The announcement comes just months after Facebook announced malware-removal software partnerships with McAfee and Microsoft.

The new system offers McAfee’s Scan and Repair option and Microsoft’s Security Essentials platform. Once downloaded both applications offer the chance to scan for and remove suspected malware. The programs Facebook says will not interfere with already installed anti-virus programs.  [Read more…]

Lady Gaga Launches ‘Little Monsters’ Social Network

Little Monsters Social Network

Little Monsters Social Network

Lady Gaga has taken Twitter and Facebook by storm, amassing the biggest social media following on the planet, now she’s taking her love of social media one step further, launching the “Little Monsters” social network, a website devoted solely to Lady Gaga fans.

With the voting functionality of Reddit and a Pinterest-based design Gaga could quickly define an entirely new segment for big stars looking to better engage their followers. Then again almost no other artist on the planet has the fan based currently being experienced by Lady gaga.

Located at the website allows fans to created Gaga-related content, talk with other “Little Monsters” and then showcase their favorite fan created social shares.

The network was created with the help of developer Backplane, a startup created by Lady Gaga’s manager, Troy Carter and Backplane CEO Matt Michelsen alongside former Google designer Joey Primiani and former Palantir director of operations Alex Moore. [Read more…]

The Fancy Announces Affiliate Links Program, Truly Becomes “Pinterest for Ecommerce”

The Fancy URL Affiliate Marketing Link

The Fancy URL Affiliate Marketing Link

Many users and casual observers of the social network The Fancy have referred to the site as “Pinterest for Ecommerce” and on Monday the network embraced that name when they rolled out an affiliate network for users.The new system will allow users to share products they find on the website while earning cash for each person who clicks on their links and purchases the product.

At 2% for each sale we don’t expect to see big box affiliate marketers jumping on The Fancy bandwagon but with a net 30 payment (users are paid 30 days after items ship in order to avoid returns) we expect casual users will embrace the system while earning cash.

The system is simple to use, just click on an item to share and you’ll receive a URL with a unique referral code, if someone makes the purchase with your link you earn the cash.

To put the system’s 2% affiliate pricing into perspective, Amazon’s flash sales site pays 8% while affiliate users earn 15%.

The big push in this particular situation is likely new user registrations which recently passed the 1 million mark. [Read more…]

Twitter Search Gets A Boost From Autocomplete, Follower Searches And Related Terms

Twitter Search Improvement

Twitter Search ImprovementTwitter on Friday rolled out a new smarter search engine that brings with it an autocomplete feature along with the ability to guess whether you are searching for a term or a person. The Twitter search program can also search within the list of people a Twitter user follows.

On Thursday night Twitter teased that its search and discovery feature was about to change “forever” and now its new features have been shown off for both Twitter mobile and users.

The first new feature is the companies’s auto-complete. According to Twitter engineer Frost Li:

“Search autocomplete shows you the most likely terms for your query as you enter it — especially useful if you’re trying to follow the hashtag for an event or you’re looking for a certain Twitter account. You can select your query from the drop-down menu even before you finish typing it.”

The new autocomplete feature will also fix spelling mistakes for more accurate search results.  [Read more…]

Facebook Developing Commerce Solution Via “Want” Button

Facebook Want Button Discovered

Facebook Want Button Discovered

Facebook is about to make a big push into social commerce by way of a new “Want” button currently being developed by the social network. The “Want” button will apparently allow users to add products to a virtual wish list, share produce purchases and even provide charitable donation suggestions. The button will also provide a list of items purchased if the user allows that feature to be utilized.

The program has not been officially announced by Facebook but was instead discovered by Cut Out + Keep web developer Tom Waddington.

According to Waddington:

“The fact the code contains references to ‘socialcommerce’ is a sign that they’re taking it seriously. In the same way music, news and videos are shared on the site, Facebook is planning to allow users to share both Wants and Purchases, from items bought within games to donations.” [Read more…]

Google Chrome Web App Store Now Offering Social Friend Suggestions

Google Chrome Store Now With Friend Suggestions

Google Chrome Store Now With Friend Suggestions

Buyers browsing the Google Chrome Web App Store are now able to discover which apps their friends have downloaded and recommend.

The program has integrated with Google+ and offers recommendations when a potential buyers friend has signed in and clicked on the +1 button beside that item in the store. Buyers choose which Google+ circles to share their recommendation with and it shows up in your recommendation list when you log into the Google+ network.

Users can now review themes, extensions and app suggestions from Google+ circles followers by clicking on “From your circles” located as a link in the left category menu of the Chrome Web Store.

For users choosing to simply browse the Chrome Web App Store the apps recommended by Google+ Circle followers will be highlighted for easy perusal. [Read more…]

Facebooks Adds “Same-Sex” Icons To Dating Relationship Status Messages

Same Sex Marriage Icons On Facebook

Same Sex Marriage Icons On Facebook

Facebook on Monday showed its support for gay marriage when the company debuted same-sex marriage status icons that best reflect a persons relationship status. In the past a bride and groom were used for straight couples who were married while no such icon was available for gay married couples.

The movie was first spotted when Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes married his partner Sean Eldgridge (pictured above) and the men were met with the symbol for two grooms as he announced the wedding on his Facebook Timeline.

Facebook is no stranger to same-sex couple support, in 2011 the company created relationship options for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community members. Among the options available were “In a domestic partnership” and “In a civil Union.”

At the same time Facebook has come under fire in the past for removing photos of same sex couples kissing and for removing group posts that supported the LGBT community. [Read more…]