YouTube Now Streaming 4 Billion Hours Per Month

YouTube Streaming Numbers

YouTube Streaming NumbersYouTube continues to grow by leaps and bounds and this month the video streaming network reported 4 billion hours of watch video, a new record just two months after the site celebrated its 7th birthday.

4 billion hours is the equivalent of 456,000 years worth of video viewing in a single one month time period.

Two months ago YouTube executives revealed 3 billion hours of monthly viewing, an increase of 1 billion hours in under 60 days.

YouTube exec Robery Kyncl revealed the new streaming record while speaking on Thursday at the company’s new professional content channels initiative.

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Facebook Rolls Out New Enhanced Targeting Options


Targeting and social media go hand in hand because people are so willing to offer up personal information on social networking sites—Facebook being one of the most tempting. After all, your friends may want to know what your major is in school or where you’re currently working, and we can’t forget about the all important relationship status and birthday. This information doesn’t seem quite as necessary to share with your Twitter followers or your LinkedIn connections, but Facebook makes it easy to share this information. This information has been huge when it comes to advertisements, but what about targeting organic updates and posts?

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How the Big Social Networks Use Email to Encourage User Engagement


If you are an online marketer and you are not using email, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful tools for reaching customers and increasing engagement. Email is a means to reach the people most interested in your products or services in a deeply personal way. It’s a way to stay in constant contact with your most loyal customers, fans and supporters. However, email marketing can be very tricky. If it’s done well, it can attract new people to your business and make current customers even better. If done poorly, it can turn away people who were, previously, excited about you and your brand.

So who can you turn to for help in mastering email marketing? Social networks are among the largest email senders in terms of volume and have spent an incredible amount of time and resources honing their email marketing. However, this is effort and energy you can tap as you can learn a great deal from these networks without having to duplicate their investment. You just have to be willing to step back and study what they are doing and why. [Read more…]