October 30, 2012

Hootsuite Announces Reddit, Stumbleupon Support

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HootSuite Adds New Support

Hootsuite users now have the option to follow their Reddit and StumbleUpon accounts directly from their HootSuite dashboard. The social monitoring company announced support for both social news feeds on Tuesday.

The company has also added support for the lesser knownScoop.it, CMP.LY and Nexalogy platforms.

Hootsuite has come a long way from its Twitter roots, the company now offers support for 35 applications which includes Flickr, Tumblr, YouTube and Instagram among others. read more

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October 29, 2012

Snapchat Photo Sharing App Arrives for Google Android

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Snapchat shotSharing photos is a great way to show friends what you’ve been up to, then again sometimes you might not want that unflattering photo you have taken to stick around forever. That’s where Snapchat comes into play. Now available for the Google Android OS, the app allows users to choose when photos they have sent will be deleted.

Users simply take a photo on their mobile device, set a time between one and 10 seconds for the photo to delete and then send the picture.

After the recipient opens the photo they can view it for the allotted time before it is destroyed.

Snapchat has been a hit among iOS users for a while now and was expected to be announced at the Dive Into Mobile conference in New York City before Hurricane Sandy canceled that event. read more

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October 25, 2012

Pinterest Adds Website Verification to Profile Pages

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Pinterest Adds Website Verification

Want to know more about exactly who you are following? Pinterest on Thursday rolled out website verification to profile pages.

The system also allows users to highlight their own website on their profile.

Pinterest plans to add the feature to pages across the site in the near future, allowing for more verification and by its very nature more transparency.

In a statement regarding the feature Pinterest officials proclaimed: read more

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SEO Challenges Small Businesses Face

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What really is Search Engine Optimization?

What really is Search Engine Optimization? (Photo credit: Go Local Search)

More and more people all over the globe are taking the plunge and diving into the world of self-employment. Even though the economy is not what it used to be, it is relatively easy to find your place in the modern market and open a business of your own. Furthermore, when starting a small business, you are faced with a large number of problems which should rather be seen as challenges. These challenges are often difficult to overcome, but some of them such as the challenge of creating a strong online presence, is extremely important to overcome. Here, we will talk about SEO challenges that small business are faced with. read more

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October 24, 2012

Facebook Ended Up Paying Less Than $750 Million For Instagram

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InstagramMark Zuckerberg and company originally agreed to pay $1 billion for social photo sharing company Instagram but ended up paying far less.

Purchased in April the social world was abuzz with news that Zuckerberg purchased the company without first talking to his board of directors.

In a quarterly investment report that was filed on Wednesdaywith the Securities and Exchange Commission Facebook added 11 million shares to its total. Those new shares are valued at $194 million and were given to Instagram employees at the close of the September deal. read more

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October 23, 2012

iMessaging Dominates Carrier Text Messages, Users Send 300 Billion Texts In 12 Months

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iMessage SystemUsers may be flocking to Facebook’s mobile app but when it comes to chatting over smartphones Apple’s iMessaging is dominating the market for direct to user messages.

Research firm Ovum estimated in a recent report that over the last year iMessaging has been responsible for 300 billion text messages over the 12 months since its launch.

If those numbers are correct that could mean a loss of $13.9 billion in carrier SMS revenue.

Ovum did not explain if the revenue loss is based on SMS rates outside of a monthly plan or if they include an estimated per month subscriber cost. read more

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October 22, 2012

James Blunt Retires, Twitter Goes Crazy With Hilarious Tweets

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James Blunt Twitter Retirement Jokes

Singer James Blunt announced on Monday that he was retiring from the music business and his announcement was met with hilarious Twitter messages.

Despite the singers massive number of sales (18 million albums), his five Grammy nominations and even two Brit Awards he apparently can’t get any respect.

Comments range from “James Blunt has announced that he is quitting the music industry. The US Army will have to come up with a new way of torturing POWs now” to “Good news, Jeremy Hunt! Warbler James Blunt has quit music, giving you a de-facto monopoly in the right-wing-dickhead-rhyming-slang market.”

Here are a few more tweet regarding the James Blunt retirement announcement:

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Google Bringing Street View to Mobile Browsers

Although Apple might be scrambling to get some sort of mapping device on a mobile phone together, Google Maps arent faltering. One of the things that mobile users love most, especially the directionally challenged as my mom would say, is the ability to use Google maps. You never have to worry about printing out directions before you leave your house because you have your phone, and now things are about to get even better.

As of October 9 of this year, Google will bring street view to mobile browsers. Its not the most exciting news in the world, but its something that will make a difference in the long run for the mobile user as well as Google itself.

read more

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October 19, 2012

Facebook App ‘Vote With Friends’ Advocated Voting With A Social Twist

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Vote With Friends Facbook App

A new Facebook app calledVote With Friendshas just been released and its sole purpose is to create voting advocacy among Facebook users and the friends they influence.

The app was created by internet advocacy groupFight For the Futureand it allows users to check whether or not their friends on Facebook are registered to vote or whether they have pledge to register. The program also tells users if their friends actually went and voted on election day.

According to Mashable:

“The idea? Take Facebooks Poke concept, and use it to bring a little positive peer pressure into democratic participation”

Tiffiniy Cheng, co-founder and co-director of Fight for the Future says of theVote With Friendsapp:

We think [voting] is essential to what makes a vibrant democracy. Especially in the United States, were seeing that what your fiends are asking you to do actually affects whether or not you go vote. If thats a part of voting in America, we should absolutely have the ability to do that online. read more

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October 17, 2012

Overly Attached Girlfriend Uses Creepy Fame To Raise Money For Charity

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Overly Attached FundraiserOverly Attached Girlfriend has taken time off from stalking Justin Bieber, Drake and other celebrities so she can focus on something more important, helping charities raise money through the use of her viral fame.

The viral video star this week launched a new YouTube series calledDare to Sharewhich aims to raise money from worthwhile causes.

The first episode ofDare To Sharewas uploaded on Tuesday and according to Laina Morris:

The Internet is a unifying force that brings the whole world together. Were more connected now than we have ever been, through things like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In todays world, we are constantly connected. Smartphones that go everywhere we do are notifying us every second. Its goodwe can laugh together at funny videos of sneezing pandas, English brothers who bite each others fingers, and Overly Attached Girlfriends. And its bad because people can do or say whatever they want when theyre hiding behind their computer. But together, we can work to make it the most powerful method in helping others.

The new program works by allowing viewers to dare Morris to do crazy things. As money is raised Morris will complete the crazy tasks. read more

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