Seven Ways To Kill Your Blog


Registering a domain name and turning it into a profitable blog takes time. It takes patience, hard work and quite a few clever decisions. Some people would even argue that at times it takes a little bit of luck. The one thing that’s for certain is that it’s not easy.

Though most people know how difficult it is to create a profitable blog, many are surprised to learn how easy it is to kill one. Getting noticed might take a long time but losing the lions share of your readers can be achieved surprisingly quickly.

If you’ve been enjoying a certain amount of blogging success of late, here are seven mistakes that you should avoid making at all costs. [Read more…]

Facebook Converting All Users To HTTPS Connections

Facebook HTTPS Connections

Facebook HTTPS Connections

Facebook is ramping up its attempts at creating a more secure ecosystem for its users. The company announced on Monday that it is in the process of moving users from HTTP to HTTPS (secure) connections.

While the move will help protect against spam bots, fake profiles, malicious apps and other security threats, some experts worry that the more complex solution could slow down connections for many users.

Facebook’s security policy manager Fred Wolens tells TechCrunch that moving to HTTPS may “slow down connections only slightly” as encrypted pages take longer to load, but adds that Facebook has “deployed significant performance enhancements to [its] load balancing infrastructure to mitigate most of the impact.” [Read more…]

MySpace Gets It’s Sexy Back, Justin Timberlake Reveals New Platform [Video]

Justin Timberlake - Myspace

Justin Timberlake - MyspaceJustin Timblerlake was hired to help bring the sexy back to Myspace and based on the platforms newly revealed design his team and the already established team at MySpace have met that goal.

The new MySpace which was designed with all new coding has gotten back to its roots as a platform for artists. This time around the company uses new social media connections to help artists grow out their music base.

Timberlake joined Facebook last year with partners Chris and Tim Vanderhook who purchased the once $500+ million site for just $35 million. [Read more…]

Banjo’s Location Based App Rolls Out New Features

Banjo Location Based App

Banjo Location Based App

Location-based social app Banjo launched the next version of its location-based mobile app on Thursday. The program now features a Facebook inspired news feed, access to second-degree social connections and a list of currently active connections based on location.

At the time of this post Banjo has 3 million users, not bad for a company that only launched in the summer of 2011 with critical praise during 2012’s South by Southwest.

Banjo collects information from various social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Foursquare and then sorts that platform information by location. By using that information users can opt in to a specific location.

Using the location service users can also receive push alerts when a friend from any of their social networks are near their location. [Read more…]

Will The Facebook Jobs App Fix The Economy? Probably Not But It’s Pretty Simple To Use

Facebook Social Jobs App

Facebook Social Jobs App

Facebook on Wednesday revealed its answer to LinkedIn. The company’s Social Jobs app is a program that allows users to search for and ultimately land job interviews.

Recent survey’s have shown that more internet users are turning to social networking to find jobs and company’s have been following suit. Unfortunately with lazy people submitting applications from behind their computer screens many company’s are met with hundreds, even thousands of unqualified apps.  [Read more…]

Facebook Testing Ranked Comments, Hopes To Improve Engagement

Facebook Ranking Algorithm

Facebook Ranking AlgorithmFacebook is currently testing a new form of comment ranking for brand and subscriber pages. The company’s new algorithm will place more emphasis on comments that are engaging more users, allowing for a better user experience across the board.

As comments receive more interaction they move further up the comment thread, ensuring that those engaging comments are viewed by the largest group of people possible.

Comments are ranked based on a number of factors that include Likes, responses and hides.

The new platform also allows page administrators to reply directly to comments thanks to a newly added “reply” button. [Read more…]

Spotify Receives $3 Billion Valuation, Still Losing Money

Spotify 3 billion company

Spotify 3 billion companySpotify will likely pass the $500 million revenue mark for 2012 and with losses still on the books the company is expected to seek a new round of funding, money that will valuate the company at more than $3 billion.

Revenues at Spotify are expected to more than double from last years $244 million thanks to a growing user base with a larger number of paying customers.

Spotify currently allows for two profit models. The first option is an ad supported system that generates revenues through ads. The second system includes $5 per month for ad-free computer support or $10 for ad-free mobile  support.

While the company will take in $500 million this year Spotify currently must pay the major labels $200 million or 75% of total revenue, whichever number is higher. On $500 million that total payout would equal $375 million. Spotify will likely earn $60 million off that$500 million but the company is also reporting another $100 million in engineering, marketing, sales and other operating costs. Based on it’s own estimates Spotify will likely lose around $40 million in 2012.  [Read more…]

Facebook Testing Sound Notifications

Facebook Ping

Facebook PingFacebook wants users to know exactly when they receive a private message, someone writes on their Timeline, etc. For that reason the social network  is testing new sound notifications.

The new alert sends out a ping sound when someone interacts with your Facebook account, much like the noise your phone sends when a text message is received.

A representative for Facebook tells Mashable:

“We are currently testing a sound with notifications. It’s only testing with a small percentage of people and it can be controlled from the Account Settings page.” [Read more…]

Barack Obama Celebration Photo Becomes ‘Most Liked’ In Facebook History, Also Sets Twitter Record

Obama Photo

Obama PhotoPresident Barack Obama celebrated his victory on Tuesday night by sharing a photograph on his Facebook page. That photo which features the President in a warm embrace with First Lady Michelle Obama has quickly become the “most liked” photograph in the history of Facebook.

Under his photo was the simple caption “four more years.”

The Facebook page Facebook + Journalists revealed the new record at approximately 3 a.m. ET. According to the group:

 “With more than 2.1 million likes, this Barack Obama photo is the most-liked Facebook photo of all time.” [Read more…]

New School SEO: At Least One Thing You Didn’t Know (Guaranteed)

I think search is a seriously exciting place to be right now. 2012 has seen some of the most aggressive Google algorithm updates of all time; a lot of SEOs were hit hard, and as each update was released some form of mini-riot followed. But while anger towards Matt Cutts (Google’s human shield) ensued, I couldn’t help but feel that SEO was returning to the open field that it once was. SEOs dropped out in favour of other things, they decided that Google was on a mission to destroy organic rankings and that Google owed them for all of those useless links and cookie cut content they had created; a quick look at any of the comments on SEroundtable shows that SEOs are just giving up.

But for me, SEO now more than ever is about hording knowledge, it’s about grabbing as much as you can and stuffing it into your brain so that you can develop – through management or being hands on – the perfect user/search focused website. So that is what I’m bringing to you today, knowledge bursting new school SEO best practices that will make you smarter than the next guy. [Read more…]