Quora Adds LinkedIn Sharing, Helps Professionals Boost Their Credibility

Quora Adds LinkedIn SharingQuestion and Answer website Quora now allows users to share answers directly to their Linkedin profiles.

Announced on Wednesday the new integration joined Twitter, Facebook and email sharing buttons that were already available to Quora users.

Quora hopes that by promoting professional answers on LinkedIn more users with experience will show off their knowledge base.

In a company blog post Quora notes:

“The knowledge and expertise you share on Quora can now become part of your professional biography and identity.”

According to the Q&A company, many users are already using the site to boost their professional standing through top notch answers. In its blog post the company notes:

“People on Quora share their professional expertise about a wide range of topics. Many people have shared stories about job offers and other great professional opportunities resulting from their Quora contributions,” the blog post said.

The new option can be activated by navigating to your Quora account settings section.

Will you be added LinkedIn to your personal Quora account.


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