Tumblr Announces Panoramic Picture Support With Simple Theme Integration

Tumblr Panoramic Photo views

Tumblr has announced panaromic photo support for all blogs located on its network. The new feature allows Tumblr users to share larger, more vibrant photos with very little additional work.

Now live on Tumblr.com the new panoramic photos appear in a specialized lightbox.

The panoramic shots fill the entire width of each blog post, as opposed to regular photos which typically occupy only the left-hand side. Users on desktop web browsers can also scroll through a pictures panoramic view from side to side once it is enlarged.

Smartphone users should turn their phone sideways to take full advantage of the new Tumblr support for panoramic photos. 

According to Tumblr the new features works with  “super-wide (3:1) high-res (1,000 px wide) photo uploads.”

Developers wishing to implement the new feature can simple add the {block:Panorama} tag to their themes.

Tumblr is the newest social network to increase its photo capabilities. Recently both Twitter and the Yahoo owned Flickr announced photo filters and new photo sharing capabilities meant to compete with photo sharing service Instagram.

As the race for further multimedia features for social networks continue, we can likely expect to hear about more photo capabilities from Tumblr and other networks in the coming weeks and months ahead.



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