4 Female Blogging Meetups in 2013

Being a woman in the male-dominated business world does have its disadvantages, but a growing movement towards equality in all things is helping ladies in every professional niche to be both better and better-paid at what they do, and one of the fields most notable for this growth is blogging. Women are coming to dominate the blogosphere as visitors realize that they’re unique wit and wisdom offer a fantastic take on nearly any topic, making that sector one of the fastest growing for female entrepreneurs.

Meet women in your niche for the purpose of both friendship and professional development by checking out any of these four female blogging meetups for 2013: [Read more…]

Tokyo’s New YouTube Production Facility Receives A Sneak Peak [Video]

Tokyo Youtube Studio

Tokyo Youtube StudioEarlier in the week YouTube announced the launch of its first YouTube Spaces production facility in Tokyo. That facility is now being shown off in a new YouTube video.

The video platform already runs production facilities in Los Angeles and London.

YouTube Spaces are meant to provide top notch YouTube content creators with the facilities they need to produce high quality content.

Receiving access to the Tokyo studio requires filling out an application. Content providers chosen to use the facility receive three months of access.  [Read more…]

Pinterest Is Loved By Middle-Class And Non-Urban Users, Plus Other Interesting Facts

Pinterest Logo

Pinterest LogoWe know women have flocked to Pinterest but that isn’t the only part of the demographic landscape worth investigating. A new study by the Pew Center on Internet and American Life has found that middle-class and non-urban users are also very popular on the social network.

The study found that 67 percent of respondents used Facebook, 16 percent used Twitter and 15 percent used Pinterest. Instagram was in fourth place at 13 percent and Tumblr maintained six percent of responses.

While only five percent of respondents were men the study actually found that women in general are more engaged on social networking. For example, 72 percent of women use Facebook compared to 62 percent of men.  [Read more…]

Yahoo Acquires Social Mobile Tool ‘Alike’

Yahoo Alike

Yahoo AlikeYahoo has acquired social mobile service Alike.

The deal is part of a talent acquisition that will leave the original Alike program without a supporting staff.

Yahoo and Alike have not revealed specifics about the deal.

Alike was created by a talented founder in former Microsoft and Zillow employee Maria Zhang.

If you are unfamiliar with the tool it providers recommendations about local businesses to users who have visited those locations in the past. Alike also uses historical data to suggest new places to visit.  [Read more…]

Blogger’s Guide to Creative Commons: In Pictures

Bloggers are inevitably obsessed with the topic of creative commons, and if they aren’t yet, they will be soon. Why? Well, if you have ever seen the cost of subscriptions for stock photo sights, you wouldn’t have to ask that question. They are expensive, often offer nothing special and in general don’t cut it for most casual bloggers that don’t want to spend cash on what is essentially a place for their thoughts.

Using public domain or CC licensed content is the perfect way around that. You can use photos and videos as you like, not worrying about the cost or being sued for copyright. Which is ever bloggers wost nightmare, thanks to the many horror stories we are subjected to on the web. [Read more…]

Want A Job At Google? First Step Is Having A Google+ Account

Google Plus Jobs

Google Plus JobsFree food, yoga classes and other events mark the perks of a Google job but only if you can actually land a position. According to a new infographic by Data visualization service Visual.ly and created for SocialTimes your chances at landing a Google job increase if you actually have a Google+ account.

GPlusData discovered that more than 10 percent of  the 114 million people that the social analytics service tracks have claimed Google as an employer. Those claims include jobs at YouTube, Google and the company’s other divisions.

While it is true Google does not employ 11.4 million people (even more if you take its full 500 million+ user base) those numbers likely include freelance workers, former employees, YouTube partners and Google hopefuls.  [Read more…]

Dad Pays Daughter $200 To Quit Facebook

Facebook Contract

Facebook Contract

Are you afraid your child might have a Facebook addiction or simply be wasting too much time on the social network? The father of 14-year-old Rachel Baier is paying her to ditch the social network. If successful Rachel will earn $200.

Paul Baier offered his daughter $200 if she could simply log off the social network for five months.

To ensure that his daughter follows through with the proposal Paul promised $50 in April and another $150 in June. [Read more…]

Blogger’s Simplest Productivity Apps

Blogging is hard to scale: Sometimes you feel inspired and you just go and write a cool article. Sometimes you feel swamped and stressed to blog but you need to. There are just a few professional bloggers among us. For the majority of us blogging is a hobby which makes it even harder to organize.

In an ironic twist that has always amused me, productivity apps are seemingly getting more and more complex. With expansive features, complicated installation instructions, thorough sign up policies and a millions steps for setup, it is hardly worth it.

After all, isn’t the point of getting the app in the first place to be more productive? How can it call itself that when it waste so much time and energy just getting the thing up and running? It doesn’t exactly instill confidence in the product.

But there do exist some nice, simple productivity apps out there that get the job done, and with minimum fuss. [Read more…]

SEO in 2013: year of the consumer

If you have a website and you actively monitor keywords (and you should do the latter if have the former!) to bring in traffic, then you probably know the situation on the Web has changed a bit in the past year or two. Algorithms have been altered to help content creation get a kickstart; from a users point of view, this is great news. From a strict SEO view, however, things may appear more dicey.
[Read more…]

Amara Delivers Crowdsourced YouTube Captioning And Translation



Amara has announced a new platform that allows YouTube publishers to crowdsource subtitles and translation for their published videos.

Amara.org proved its own proof of concept in 2012 when the KONY 2012 video was translated into more than 20 languages and subtitled in less than 24 hours.

More than 300 users have already signed up to use the program.

To use the program YouTube account holders sync the platform with Amara and then invite viewers to add their own captions and translate videos. [Read more…]