Most People Won’t Friend A Boss On Facebook, Lose Respect For Co-Workers Actions, Study Finds

FacebookHave you ever taken a job only to receive a Facebook friend request from your boss shortly after starting work? A new survey has found that most Facebook users don’t want to be friends with their boss.

Studying hundreds of Facebook users, the team at Fierce Inc. found that most social media users don’t want a personal social media relationship with the people they work for.

In polling 800 Facebook participants, the study found that a whopping 80 percent of workers use Facebook on the job while 50 percent of those surveyed thought it was a bad idea to mix Facebook with work.

16 percent of respondents also claimed that they have “lost respect for co-workers because of things they posted on Facebook.”

Fierce Inc. CEO Halley Bock says the best decision for a company would be to allow employees to communicate openly in order to foster an open forum of ideas and chatter.

Bock says companies should hold exploratory conversations with employee to determine which type of online communications should be allowed while on the clock. Companies should also put into place clear guidelines for Facebook use at work.

Do you think friending your boss is a good idea or should work and personal relationships remain separate, even in an online scenario?



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