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    I was pretty skeptical of the whole social media-driving referrals but the proof is definitely in the pudding. I regularly throw my legal content into stumbleupon and while it isn’t getting me a lot of useful traffic I can see the connection between improved connections from SU and greater weight given to my site from alexa and google SERP, so in the long term it seems very beneficial. If I blogged purely for cash value I would probably take a more focused approach on SU and similar sites since all I need is eyeballs on the page. For my law firm website, I need local visitors with a legal need. I can’t get those randomly across the internet but SERP helps drive business to the right place.

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    Very nice article. I am newbie to stumbleupon and SEO and this is very nicely done. I want to know 1 thing. I have tried to make friends and follow people but no one become my friend and the didn’t even respond me back. I wanted to stumble my HD Wallpapers website even i have quality content but didn’t work.
    Any help?

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