Top Earning Blog Niches You Should Consider Mastering

Anyone can start a blog. Practically anyone can earn money hiring himself out as a blogger/blog content writer. Earning good money by blogging – whether for yourself or as a blogger for someone else – is a totally different story, though. Blogs – and bloggers – are a dime a dozen, but it takes skill, talent, and a mastery of the topic to stand out.

blog niches

If you are a pro making a living out of writing, and you want your earnings to go up a notch, I suggest taking a look at these blog niches which will help you increase your worth. Of course, it goes without saying that you actually have to learn and exert effort before you can claim mastery and establish your authority in any niche. You can’t just spend a whole day on Wikipedia, and then go around proclaiming yourself as a guru!

If you are serious about making more money without being a hack, here are top earning blog niches that you might want to dive into.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been a buzzword for a while now, and yet you might be surprised at the number – and nature – of people who are unclear as to what it really means! If you’ve already got your foot in this door, why not invest more time and effort to really learn the niche? As you do so, build your authority in the niche by writing more about the topic.

There are many business who rely on IT support services, and these businesses will, in all likelihood, also rely on expert writers to provide content for their online presence. If this is up your alley, and you can prove your knowledge, then you can demand good rates as a cloud computing blogger.

Content Marketing

Another buzzword that has received more than its share of flak, content marketing is not all bad stuff. While it can be abused, even by people who may not really understand what it means, content marketing has its place in this online era. If you’re not at all averse to marketing in general, and you know you can produce content that provides real value to readers, becoming a content marketing expert might be the thing for you; and yes, if you reach expert status, your writer’s rate can easily shoot up.


Everyone who has common sense knows the right principles to follow when it comes to finance, right? Well, forget about personal finance for a second. I think anyone can claim to be a personal finance expert. What I am talking about is learning the ins and outs of investing, the stock market, and similar topics. If you can get real experience and can write about it, you will not be lacking for high-paying writing jobs.

These three blog niches are by no means the only niches that can earn you a good living. At the end of the day, your knowledge and writing will still determine your worth. It’s a good place to start leveling up, though!


  1. Sarah Williams says

    This was great . There are a number of platforms that give you a number ebooks. Apple wants 20% but is free. There’s always tradeoffs.

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