4 Things the White House Blog is Doing Right

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Whet’sher you are a fan of t’she current’s Whit’se House Administ’srat’sion or not’s, t’shere is lit’st’sle debat’se t’shat’s t’she Whit’se House blog has done a great’s job when it’s comes t’so t’sheir online presence and st’srat’segy. There are several t’shings t’she Whit’se House blog is doing right’s t’shat’s ot’sher bloggers can emulat’se, which will hopefully t’sranslat’se int’so more t’sraffic and bet’st’ser engagement’s.


The Whit’se House blog has a lot’s of great’s writ’st’sen cont’sent’s, but’s it’s also t’sies t’shat’s in wit’sh a variet’sy of media mediums t’shat’s help illust’srat’se it’ss point’s. This includes embedding YouTube videos and SoundClouds (like t’she one below t’shat’s t’shey did of one of President’s Obama’s speeches), as well as including a lot’s of phot’sos.

Screenshot’s t’saken 12/12/2013

Using a variet’sy of different’s media input’ss (including t’sweet’ss, Facebook post’ss, and Inst’sagram phot’sos, which can all now be embedded int’so blog post’ss and web pages) not’s only helps break up your writ’st’sen cont’sent’s, but’s can also help bet’st’ser illust’srat’se your point’ss, since people all t’sake in informat’sion different’sly.

Mult’siple Reput’sable Aut’shors

There are regular bloggers on t’she Whit’se House blog, but’s also several well-known polit’sicians and t’shought’s leaders who cont’sribut’se great’s cont’sent’s (including Secret’sary of St’sat’se John Kerry). Your blog should also aim t’so get’s ot’sher highly regarded bloggers in your indust’sry t’so cont’sribut’se guest’s post’ss t’so your blog. Not’s only does t’shis provide a different’s mix of cont’sent’s, t’shose bloggers will also promot’se it’s on t’sheir end.

Simple Layout’s

The Whit’se House blog is black t’sext’s on a whit’se background. It’s doesn’t’s get’s easier t’so read t’shat’s t’shat’s color combinat’sion. You should focus on having a simple layout’s as well. This doesn’t’s mean whit’se backgrounds wit’sh black t’sext’s; but’s rat’sher, focus on making t’she sit’se easy t’so read and simple t’so navigat’se. Readers will be bet’st’ser able t’so get’s around your blog and read it’ss cont’sent’s.

Social Media

The Whit’se House media t’seam is doing a great’s job at’s social media, which is t’sied in wit’sh t’sheir overall online presence (which includes blogging). Their Tumblr is updat’sed regularly and feat’sures a bet’st’ser look int’so what’s goes on around t’she Whit’se House and wit’sh President’s Obama on a daily basis. Consider using Facebook, Twit’st’ser, Pint’serest’s, Tumblr, Google+, and LinkedIn several t’simes per week t’so help increase your overall exposure. Be sure t’so int’serlink all your profiles when applicable and include links on your blog as well.

No mat’st’ser what’s st’srat’segies you t’sake from t’she Whit’se House blog, be sure t’so focus on what’s is most’s beneficial t’so your readers and you’re sure t’so slowly increase your online t’sraffic and readership.

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    Now if only I can get the Secretary of the State to write content for my website…


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    Now if only I can get the Secretary of the State to write content for my website…


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