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August 12, 2010

After ThesisWP-Gate It’s Time for the WordPress Foundation to Grow Up

Every WordPress blogger who didn’t live under a rock recently has noticed that there have been many heated debates in the WordPress scene this year:

  1. Canonical/Core plugins
  2. WordCamp to only support GPL compliant events anymore
  3. ThesisWP-gate
  4. And those are only the first three fights which come to mind for 2010

And with yesterday’s switch from Cutline to Coraline on the debate has been revived once more. read more

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January 12, 2007

Announcing Habari: The New WordPress?

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Have you heard about Habari? Habari is a new blogging platform from familiar names formerly associated with WordPress. The project was announced by Chris J. Davis earlier this month, who’s one of the core developers of the new weblog publishing application.

But is there space for another WordPress alternative? read more


September 13, 2006

Brian’s Latest Comments plugin review (any comments yet?)

One of the best parts about blogs is the direct communication with the readers through comments. Most blogs offer the opportunity to comment just about every post, but since post leave the front page fairly quick in the standard blogging format it’€™s easy to forget about ongoing discussions.

A solution to this is to display the latest comments on your site, which also helps to activate your visitors in terms of jumping into the discussion. The Blog Herald has its recent comments in the footer of every page, scroll down to take a look if you haven’€™t seen it.

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March 31, 2005

Ethics and Blogging: Inspiration not copying

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Duncan Riley> In my first ethics post, I talked about the ethical use of text, but didn’t consider the use of the design in the equation, hence today’s post: Inspiration not copying, which covers both the ethical side of design, as well as being a handy guide on blog design itself.

Tip 2: Inspiration not copying
I once heard somebody argue that there is very little originality on the internet and most site look alike. To some extent they were true, and after 10 years online I’m the first to admit that very little of what appears today on the internet provides a “wow” factor in terms of pushing boundaries in appearance and design. Basically, it’s nearly all be done before, and to some extent the mainstreaming of the internet as a whole is the net result of this. Blogs are perhaps even more guilty of perpetuating a blandness of design,with most blogs following a simple, basic layout popularised by Blogger. But all is not lost. There are some good examples out their of aesthetically pleasing blogs, albeit aesthetics being a subjective topic at best, and you to can be different by being inspired but without copying.
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