Idiot’s Guide to Google Wave, Lifehacker Style


Thecompleteguidetogooglewavecover01Couldn’t get enough of Google Wave definitions, how to’s, and even a demo video ala Pulp Fiction.  Finally, the sane folks at came up with their own Google Wave manual – The Complete Guide to Google Wave.

Download Squad calls it a “straightforward, well-organized volume that goes a long way toward demystifying a new and complex tool.” That tool of course is Google Wave, as Google is perpetuating it as a new communication tool. [Read more…]

Don’t You Just Love Twitter List?

Is Twitter Lists  feature already enabled in your Twitter account?  It was  gradually rolled out yesterday and I just saw the big announcement when I checked my Twitter account. All I can say is that this feature simply rocks without sounding exaggerated. Twitter’s List feature will make your Twitter experience a lot cleaner, pleasant and useful.  [Read more…]

First Ladies of the World Embrace Twitter and Other Social Tools, Really?

What does French First Lady  Carla Bruni, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s wife Sarah, Michelle Obama, Queen Rania, wife of Jordan’s Head of State, and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wife Maria Shriver have in common? They use social media tools and services to communicate and perhaps reach out to their husbands’ constituents. [Read more…]

Mozilla Preps Up Raindrop Open Conversation Aggregator, Read: Google Wave Rival

The folks at the Mozilla Labs seem to be pretty hard at work lately. The reason – a new a product called Raindrop.  And guess  what?  Amidst the explanations laid out on the Mozilla Labs site, I could only think of one thing – it’s Mozilla’s version of  Google Wave and and also a sanitized take on Twitter’s model. [Read more…]

Around the World in 365 Days with Coke and 3 Lucky “Bloggers”

Coca-Cola is engaging into a huge marketing campaign for its “Open Happiness” product branding. Dubbed Expedition 206, this campaign will send 3 bloggers on a trip around the world in 365 days for free. In exchange, these lucky 3 bloggers will use various social media tools such as blogs, Twitter, and YouTube videos to share their experiences and interaction with locals. For what purpose? To find out what makes people around the world happy. [Read more…]