Sunday Morning SEO: The Best SEO Advice I Have For Bloggers

If I had just one SEO tip to recommend to my fellow bloggers, it would be to write guest posts.

I recommend guest posting because link building is so important in SEO. Many webmasters neglect to build links so you’ll have a competitive advantage if you guest post. And the quantity and quality of your backlinks is the most important factor to ranking well for a wide variety of keywords and the competitive keywords with high search volume.

Sure, you can try other link building methods but these days guest posting gives you the best return for your time.  Here are a couple reasons why. [Read more…]

Sunday Morning SEO: A Little Known Tip That is Effective and Simple


Much of SEO can be hard to implement or time consuming. For example, link building is difficult for many bloggers and many webmasters find keyword research to be a tedious task. If you want a simple yet effective SEO tip that is easy to implement, you can’t go wrong with strategic internal links.

Internal linking is often overlooked by search marketers. Tactics like building links from other sites, keyword research, and anchor text usually take center stage when SEO is discussed. But don’t forget internal linking since it just plain works.

Now it’s not as effective as getting links from other sites, but it’s so easy to do.  Every blogger who wants better rankings should do it.

Here is an example to consider. [Read more…]

Sunday Morning SEO: 3 Factors to Consider in Keyword Research

Ian had a great question in a comment on my previous post. He asked:

How do you judge the balance between lots of people will be looking for that [popular keyword] against there are lots of results for that [popular keyword]?

Using your example, for “nba all star game 2009″ you’d be one of 500,000 results so how do you decide if that’s a worthwhile keyword to use?

There are couple things to consider when picking keywords to target. [Read more…]

Sunday Morning SEO: Here are 2 Quick Ways to Find Great Keywords


Hi, welcome to Sunday Morning SEO. This is a new guide about search engine optimisation, or SEO for short. If you want to improve your rankings and increase your search engine traffic, tune in on Sunday mornings. My name is Dee Barizo and I’ve had experience as a full-time search marketer. This morning we’ll look at keyword research.

Keyword research is one of the fundamental activities in SEO. Many bloggers consider this activity to be tedious, but here are two quick and easy ways to find traffic generating keywords for your posts.

To illustrate these methods, let’s pretend you’re a sports blogger. With the NBA All-Star Game coming up in one week, you plan on publishing a couple posts about it this week. You expect a lot of basketball fans to be searching Google for information about the game. Therefore, you want to figure out the keywords that they might use and insert those keywords in your content. [Read more…]