Imagining a Social News Browser

netscape 9 teaser

Last week, Netscape flashed a teaser of the upcoming version 9 of its browser. Details are few, but what is most exciting to me about this release is that they’re touting integration with their social news site. This is something that many a social news junkie has lusted after for use with sites like Digg, Reddit and Newsvine. But what exactly will it entail? How deep will the integration go? What will it take to make it a killer app for users? And what effect will this have on social news? [Read more…]

The Irresistible Draw of Social News


People often ask me what drew me to the world of social news. This is a question that has more possible answers now than when I started using Digg. Some of the answers also provide insights as to why it is so hard to stop participating in social news once you’ve started.

Before the age of social news sites, I used to work in an office with an open-concept layout. The employees there would frequently IM links to current events to everyone in the office. People would read it and then shout out comments or witty remarks about it. This was the original social news for me. The environment on Digg reminded me of that. [Read more…]

The Line Between Being Social and Gaming

The social aspects of sites like Digg, Netscape and Newsvine often provide the most rewarding experiences of the site. Being social is also a sure-fire way to move up the rankings and gain respect within the communities. There is a point, however, where being social can be construed as gaming the site. So where does being social end and gaming begin? [Read more…]

Social Bookmarking 2006 – A Year In Review


It was a breakthrough year for social bookmarking. Several big new players burst on the scene. Participation in social bookmarking sites exploded. Social news sites got their foot in the door of the most mainstream news sites on the web. Social bookmarkers saw green in a variety of ways. Controversies abounded more frequently within communities as the year went by.
[Read more…]

Digg’s New Bag of Tricks


Digg has rolled out a whack of new features. So many, in fact, that it prompted many to ask “is this v4?” However, no one from the Digg camp has referred to this as a new version, so lets not go there.

With this upgrade came some new features, some features removed and left us scratching our head about the whereabouts of some oft-promised vapor-features. [Read more…]